Monday, August 24, 2009

More Sam Video

Oh my goodness, what do we have here? Could it be? I said I would post more video today, and I did. Two days in a row!

This first one is Sam with his birth mother ("G") on our last day in Majuro. It was only about an hour before we had to leave. There's not much to this in the way of audio- G. is humming softly, but you can't really hear her- so this may be boring to some of you. But not to me... Watching Sam being rocked to sleep by G. both breaks me and blesses me every time I see it. The way they're looking at each other is so sweet, I think. This is one I like showing Sammy often, and he seems to like watching.

And this one is of Sam with his foster mama, Mary, and her two adorable granddaughters, Mary Ruth, and Mary Something Else (that I couldn't pronounce or spell). Mary's daughter (the girls' mother) is named... Anyone, anyone? Mary Lenn. Go figure. I really loved Mary (all of them) and her husband, Lenn. They were so good to Sam and to us. Sam loves watching this one, too. I always wonder if he's remembering Mary as he watches? Is that possible? He's probably too young, but his little ears sure seem to perk up as soon as he hears Mary speaking Marshallese and little Mary Ruth saying, "Junior, Junior." Isn't she a doll, btw?


Elaine said...

I bet he does remember. Even if the memories aren't distinct, I bet the voice and the language resonate with him. After Quinn came home, I would show him videos from Vietnam, and he always perked up his ears and watched so, so intently. But then he would have a hard time sleeping on those nights. So I didn't show him the videos so often, because I could tell it was hard on him. He was remembering. Now I only show him the videos very rarely, and he barely is interested.

metaphase said...

What precious gifts to have. It's so hard to watch that first one, trying to imagine what she's thinking and feeling.
It sounds like in the second one the foster mom (Mary, is it? Kidding..) sounds like she's singing "Leaning on the Everlasting Arms".

nicki said...

I agree- they remember far more than we think they possibly could.

I teared right up when i watched the birth mom video. He will treasure that always. sniff. And his foster Marys are so awesome! He is such a loved boy.

Kelli said...

How precious to have those videos! I think he remembers the sound of the language and the voice. Aiden still intently listens when people speak Vietnamese to him. He really perks up and he's been home for almost 9 months.