Sunday, August 23, 2009

A few videos I've been meaning to get up... Must keep the grandmas happy, you know.

The first shows why Sam is going to be the most spoiled baby on earth (and I don't care). This was taken several weeks ago, when he was just beginning to pull himself up to stand. Listen to the reaction he gets from the entire family. This kid is going to expect drumrolls and confetti for every little thing he does.

This one was taken just the other night. Mr. Sammy recently waved at me "on purpose" for the first time and we were all Just.So.Excited. Our claps and shouts made him so proud of himself, apparently, that he now gets really excited every time he waves. This shows what he does after a wave. So cute... To Mama, at least.

Tomorrow, I'll get a couple clips up from our time with birth and foster families in Majuro. Only three short months after returning home. That's not too bad, right?

Tomorrow is also the first day of school (at home). Wish us... something. I don't think luck could help me at this point, but I need to be wished something.

"But, Michelle! You said school would start on August 20th."

Oh, please... Since when does anyone remember what I say? School was supposed to start on the 20th. It did not. Let's move on, shall we?

Yeah... We're getting off to an excellent start.


Anonymous said...

So cute, that kid. I wish the something for getting back to school!

nicki said...

omg he is so so sweet. Addy is a living breathing example of Spoiled. There are worser things, for sure.

yeah school here was supposed to start yesterday. awesome. We probably won't start until after labor day.