Thursday, September 3, 2009

In response to my diaper inquiry, I received this response via email. I would never embarrass the writer by revealing her identity to the world, but this may or may not have been sent by my smarty-pants birth mother. I thought it was pretty funny.

Dear Mrs. *****,

I applaud your desire to find the perfect no leak diaper. I too have searched and my quest has led me to Depends....very few leaks, unless of course there is a full night of beer guzzling...very few blowouts, except for one unexpected "bomb-blast" at Juan's Burrito Bunker.

There are one or two problems, as there is with any good diaper - namely, the rustling sounds when standing for prayer in church. This noise can usually be covered with a well placed sneeze or cough. Another down side is undependable tab adhesive. However, with a little practice, it is simple to carry unused holiday stickers for emergency stick-ups.

So far, for ladies such as myself, the most inconvenient disadvantage is the inability to properly don a trendy thong. and as we all know, there are so many choices these days.

I hope these suggestions are helpful. Write when you find some time.
Love you

Disclaimer: My birth mother is not a beer guzzler, nor does she wear Depends (at least I don't think she does- I guess I've never really checked, though...). I believe she does wear thongs. She makes them herself out of duct-tape. I have no personal knowledge of what took place following her visit to the Burrito Bunker.

And... Yes, I will write when I find some time. Soon. Very soon.

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Elaine said...

So this brings up the whole nature vs. nurture issue, doesn't it? Because you seem to have gotten your sense of humor from your birth mom. She is hilarious!