Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mama called the doctor, and the doctor said...

No more fat girls jumpin' on the bed!

Not really. I did get chewed out a little bit for being fat, but I'm still allowed to jump on the bed all I want- as far as I know. Actually, the Dr. said she thinks my problem is probably thyroid related. The word diabetes was tossed around a little bit (as well as the words "high blood presssure")- but I stuck my fingers in my ears and sang a song during that part. I have to go back for some blood work, then she wants to refer me on to another doctor after that. So... I still don't have any answers yet, and I still can't sleep. But, hopefully, we are a little closer to getting my big butt straightened out. I have a feeling the phrase "lifestyle change" is in my very near future. Cripes. See, ladies? This is why you don't eat chocolate chip cookie dough and MM's for breakfast. You pick one or the other. I am a cautionary tale.

Now for a topic much more interesting than my goofy health: The kitten's name. The girls wanted me to say thank you for all your ideas and feedback. They were so excited to read all the comments. It really made their day, so thank you from me, too! The top names with you guys were Jasper and Pumpkin. The girls have settled on Pumpkin (I was kind of hoping for Cotton, but I like Pumpkin too).

Pumpkin is still doing really well. I think he's pretty smart- He already knows to run and hide when he hears Sam coming.

Speaking of Sam... He just turned 10 months yesterday. I can't believe it- we're going to be having his first birthday party in just two more months. The time is flying by.


Elaine said...

Glad you got in to the doctor! Now I just have a picture of you jumping on your bed stuck in my head. Speaking of my head, I would totally smack mine on the ceiling if I tried jumping on my bed. Darn.

Anonymous said...

I picked you as one of my 7 favorite blogs with the Honest Scrap award. :)