Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Obama and I Agree

I just thought I'd let you know, so that you can begin making calls to inquire if H*ll has just frozen over, that I wholeheartedly agree with B.O.... Kanye West is a J*ck*ss.

I think, since he never seems to agree with the selection of award winners, Kanye should have his own awards ceremony. The trophies can be awarded to the biggest piece of crap each year. The award would be a dog turd on a toothpick, called "The Kanye," and the recipient can be personally chosen by Kanye himself, since there's no better expert on being a magnificent piece of crap than Kanye West.

I also wanted to give you a brief update on my Dr.'s appt., since a few of you have emailed to ask how it went. It didn't happen. It's been moved to Thursday. I caught a nasty stomach bug and have been hurling left and right. Yuck. I think the worst of it has passed now, and I'm hoping it doesn't make the rounds through the house. I'll keep you posted on the Dr. appt. after it happens. Thanks for the concern!

Come back tomorrow for an update on Puppygate.


Elaine said...

The Kanye! I love it. Sorry you've been puking your guts out on top of everything else. I hope you feel better soon. Can't wait to hear about Puppygate.

mrsbroccoliguy said...

Oh how ironic you had to cancel the dr. appt because you were too sick! Hope you feel better soon!!