Friday, September 4, 2009

Speech to students

Sorry to those of you who don't like to read anything political on a non-political blog, but I'm just wanting to hear opinions here- I'm NOT trying to start arguments or open a big can of worms, although I know some of you will disagree with me. I think I have a pretty good balance of right and left in my readership (3 of you are conservatives and the other 3 are nutty... :P), so I'm just wondering how you guys feel about Obama's upcoming speech to students next Tuesday... ??? You can read the MSNBC take on it here.

I'm feeling torn. I know that both Presidents Reagan and Bush have done it before (and Bush was blasted for it, too, btw). But this time it "feels" different. Different, as in creepy. I'm trying to decide if that feeling is because I can't stand B.O., or if I have a legitimate concern about indoctrination here.

I'm leaning towards thinking I have a legitimate concern about indoctrination.

The speech supposedly contains nothing of a political nature... supposedly. I just don't like the idea of bypassing parents (adults, voters), which is what I feel B.O. is trying to do, to market himself directly to our kids. Remember those creepy praise and worship songs, sung by children that were popping up on YouTube around election time? If you don't, here's an example:

It really is a little Hitler-esque to me. Regardless of the content of the speech, it is the attempt to speak directly to my children- to draw them in, earn their trust, their reverence (loyalty to the regime), that sticks in my craw. I just don't want that arrogant, self-serving J.A. talking to my kids about anything- not health care, not basket weaving, not anything. (Whoopsie. The name-calling may not be necessary. I calls em likes I sees em. Sorry.)

So, guys? What do you think about Tuesday's speech? Like it? Or not? Is it being shown in your child's school? Have you seen the suggested discussion questions, etc., that could be handed out at your kid's school (if not, I linked to them above- although they've already been revised a couple times due to complaints)? Are any of you creeped out by this, too- or am I all alone here?

Lastly... my apologies to the Obama Mamas out there for dissing your man- I know how that sticks in your craws (and yes, you can discuss politics and use Redneck words like "craw" at the same time. That Carville idiot does it all the time).

Wait- one more thing! Have a great Labor Day weekend and stay safe. No drinking and driving.


Tracy said...

CREEPY! I would keep my kids home. I homeschool so I don't have to worry.

sassy chic said...

Chelle, are they showing this in our district? The kids haven't said anything. I didn't know anything about this, but oh wait I never get to do anything but work, sleep and well that is pretty much it right now!

Anonymous said...

I lean towards "Creepy" for all the reasons you said (and I'm sure that surprises absolutely no one)... our district said it's up to schools/teachers whether to show it - it's the first day of school here - and they won't do the discussion questions/activities. That is a good compromise, in my view. It's one thing to hear the President speak, it's another to spend precious class time talking about how wonderful he is and how we can "serve" him. Bleh, just typing that made me a little ill.

Elaine said...

Unlike at least some of the parents in our district, I'm not having my kids pulled out of class if the teacher decides to show it. Here is my main objection to it (other than the creepy factor which I attribute to the worshipful piece of propoganda being pushed as a suggested lesson plan): public schools waste enough valuable instructional time on all kinds of crap, so they don't need to waste even more of it on a presidential address, no matter who the president is. As far as my kids watching it, I actually want them to watch it (though I'd rather it not be a school for reasons I've already stated). I think the oldest two are old enough to start paying attention to what is going on in the world of politics, and certainly old enough to learn the importance of sifting through political pretty speech for subtext (no matter who the politician is). Even though I know they'll most likely see it at school (HUGE wast of instructional time) I look forward to discussing it with them. HOWEVER, if the school uses that suggested lesson plan and wastes even more time, and, heaven forbid, should they GRADE my children on any of it, well, the gloves will come off. Again. That principal is going to hate me (except I already emaile her about the time wasting and grading concerns, and she said there would be no grading). I know my comment is too long, but I'm going on. I know of at least one district in my state that is recording the address for teachers and administrators to view. If they decide it has relevance within the our state's content standards, then they might show it to the students. I respect that approach (even though I know somebody could twist something around to justify it in terms of actual content; but at least it is less likely time will be wasted, and parents will have had the chance to view it before it is shown to their children). Whew! Think I'm done now.

Kate Gj. said...

I'm sure you won't be surprised how your crazy liberal friends from MN feel about this topic.

The majority of the time while I might disagree with a view that differs from mine I can at least appreciate & understand that we all have different reasons & backgrounds to make us feel a certain way. But I'm really struggling with this one. It's our President and I really wouldn't care what party he was I think it's a position of authority that kids really can listen to and be motivated by.

I would feel this way even if he were a Republican. Even if some partisan viewpoints crept in, I really wouldn't care. In fact, Max had a teacher with a curriculum based on politics. While she should have been neutral, she definitely had a spin that differed from our views at home. But I was ok with it because I want Max to form his own opinions and often times our children only hear one side in their home. While I cringed at what I know this teacher said, I had to feel good that Max was being exposed to all sides.

AND...I do love having friends on both sides. It's so easy to spend time with only like-minded people. But that would be boring, right?