Friday, June 6, 2008

Our little patient is doing great

Tuck's surgery went well and the adenoids are history. It took all of TWELVE MINUTES! Seriously. 12 Minutes. Then an hour or so in recovery, and we were on our way. He woke up hungry and they said we could take him out to eat, just as long as we stick with soft, squishy foods. He wanted french toast and ate all of his own breakfast, then finished Darrell's! We've been back at home since about 10:00 this morning. I keep waiting for him to get sleepy and want a nap, but he seems pretty peppy and feels fine. The Dr. said she could tell from looking around up there, that he has allergies pretty bad and he'll now be on 2 different nasal steroids to keep them under control. Hopefully, all this means he will be able to breathe again soon! The poor guy. This has gone on for months. I'm so glad it's done, and it all went so well. Thanks for the kind thoughts and prayers!


Christina said...

Wow, it sounds like it went really well! Yay God. :-) Hope he continues to feel better and better all weekend.

Rebecca said...

YEAH!!!I am so glad that he did so well! God is good--All the time!