Sunday, June 22, 2008

Nick and Katie's Wedding

The day started pretty darn early on Friday. I woke up at 1:30 am with my mind racing about all the things I needed to remember to take to KC with us and just how nervous I was about everything. No joke. ONE-THIRTY. And then I started stressing so bad about being awake and not being able to get back to sleep, that I was not able to get back to sleep. Go figure. So finally I just got up and started getting ready for the day.

Incidentally, I was asked by someone why our son's wedding was on a Friday- they wondered if it was a religious thing, or something, which I kinda thought was funny. No. Just in case you wondered, too- it wasn't religion, it was cash. The price of the place they rented was almost double, I believe, for Saturday. That made Friday sound very attractive, so there you have it- a Friday wedding.

We left the house about 7:30 that morning. Rehearsal started at 11:00. Then lunch. Pictures at 3:00 pm. Ceremony at 7:00 pm, then the reception... We ended up deciding to stay in KC Friday night (Thank You, God, for making my husband do things my way every once in a while. That's nice of You). It was a long day, and I must admit I was ready for bed by around 8:00 pm, just as the reception was getting under way.

We left the place around midnight and got to bed around 1:00 am. Cripes- I'm too old to stay up for 24 hrs. straight. I used to be able to do it with no problem when I was young, but not anymore. THEN, I was awakened at 3:00-in-the-freakin'-a.m. by some loud people partying in the room next door. And I. Was. Ticked. I pulled the grouchy old lady stunt of calling the front desk to complain after they started getting so loud they were waking up my kids, too. I sounded just like my mom. It was creepy (No offense, Mom... Love you).

The ceremony was lovely and sweet- with no complications or flubs- and the reception was great. Everyone seemed to have a really good time. The girls did an awesome job executing their flower girl duties and had a lot of fun. Livie was in awe of the beautiful bride and bridesmaids.

As usual, I spent months stressing and worrying about an event beforehand (I don't suppose you picked up on any of the subtle clues that I was freaking out about this wedding?), then I'm half sick to my stomach by the time the day finally arrives. Because of that, I'm glad it's over and done, but all went well. Nick and Katie looked like they had a great time, and they are now relaxing on their Jamaican honeymoon.

And, also as usual, I didn't get great pictures. Go figure. But, you're really not expecting them at this point, are you? If anyone else reading this was there taking pics, and got some good ones, will you email them to me, please? I didn't get any good clear shots of Kindra and Kyle, Darrell's brothers and SILs, Steven, Sara, and Daniel, and I'd love some of Nick and Katie's first dance and more of Bri's dancing! Watching her on the dance floor was a hoot! At one point, she was getting so wild that Darrell came up to me and said, "Uh... I think you'd better go out there and get your daughter under control." I looked over and she was doing moves I'd never seen or heard of. We discovered she's not easily embarrassed, that's for sure!!

The professional shots of these balcony poses are going to be gorgeous, I'm sure. Katie is afraid of heights and didn't like being up there at all.

I LOVE this one...Livie and I had done several practice hairdos and had settled on the one we'd do for the wedding, which was a really pretty little updo. She was so excited about it, and talked nonstop about how she couldn't wait to have her hair up and wear her dress, BUT, on the day of the wedding, I could NOT get her hair to do what I wanted it to do. It just wasn't cooperating, so we left it down. I know she was disappointed, but she was such a sweetie about it. She still looked beautiful!One of Katie's bridesmaids was this beautiful young Korean woman on the left side here. Bri just fell in love with her- so did Livie. She's all I've been hearing about. I think my sons kind of liked her, too. The word "hot" was bandied about a time or two regarding several of the ladies there. Teenage boys are so much fun.You've heard of "A Boy and His Dog?" How about "A Man and His Horse?"The partial fam, with 6 of the 9 kids, Darrell's mama and our grandson, Braden. I hope the photog's shots of all of us (with all 9 kids) turn out well. We get so few chances to have everyone together in one picture. Don't my boys clean up nice? Enjoying some cake! I never, ever, ever dance with my husband (or any other man, for that matter- lol!). Can you believe it? Even when we were dating, we didn't dance. I'm so self-conscious all the time and I'm a lousy dancer. It was nice. And I'm glad we got a picture of it. The Tinkerbell Dress is really showing the sparkles here. I was droppin' sparkles ALL OVER that place. You could tell exactly where I'd been! It was so darn hot at this place. I never did put on my Spanx, although I'm sure I should have. That obviously explains, why I look so crazy fat. I would have appeared 75 lbs lighter, OF COURSE, but also a heckuva lot sweatier had I been wearing my "flak jacket." It's a trade-off. Now, maybe my diet will get back on track. I've been stress eating like you wouldn't believe.
Once Bri hit the dance floor, she didn't quit til the reception was over. I couldn't believe her energy, or her complete lack of inhibition. Sometimes, a little inhibition is a good thing. I really need to teach her that, at some point. I don't have any shots of her wildest moves, because I was standing there both shocked and in awe.The pretty young blond in the coral dress is Darrell's niece. As pretty as she is here, the photo doesn't even begin to do her justice. She is one of those Stunningly Gorgeous women and you just can't take your eyes off of her. And she's very sweet. That's about all I have. There are so many more pics that were too blurry or too dark to post- dangit. Again, if anyone has more, get them to me PLEASE!

We took Braden back to the hotel with us Friday night, so his mama could stay out later and have some fun with her cousins. We bought him a new Chiefs hat and T shirt so he can be just like his "Crampa," then we took him and our 4 younger kids to the zoo in Kansas City on Saturday before heading back home. My camera's battery conked out, so I didn't get any cute pictures at the zoo. He came home with us and stayed another night. It's always such a treat to have him over. He's a fun little dude.


LaLa said...

Oh my look gorgeous!!! That color is so pretty on you. Glad you all had a great time and Bri looks like a dancing machine : )

Laurie said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the one of you and your husband dancing- the colors you're wearing are just soooo pretty! I'm glad things went off without a hitch (no pun intended, well, kind of) :)

Christina said...

Everyone looks gorgeous - including you! You didn't tell us your dress coordinated so nicely with the bridal party! That will make the family pictures look even better. :-)
Congratulations on a beautiful wedding - now you can relax and enjoy your summer!

Heather & David said...

Your family is great... oh, and by the way.... hubba hubba... you make one hot mama!!!! Love the dress!!!