Thursday, June 5, 2008

Our Beautiful Monstrosity

Yesterday, Darrell and Alex drove waaay up north, past St. Joseph, to pick up the new storm shelter. They got home around midnight and parked this right smack-dab in our front yard!

Isn't she gorgeous? I love her. And I'm sure all my neighbors will love having her parked in the yard like this. What shall we name her? I'm thinking DOROTHY, although that's not very original. Got any better ideas? We're taking suggestions. Help us christen our new underground haven.

I'm going to post pics as we go through the installation process, because... well... just because. I'm sure you can't think of anything more fascinating than seeing our storm shelter going in, right?

This is coming not a moment to soon. We had to get in the car on Tuesday night, after MIDNIGHT I might add, and drive during a tornado warning to a church basement (designated as a storm shelter for our area) where about 75 other sleepy, sweaty individuals were jockeying for the best and safest positions to wait out another round of storms. We were there for about an hour and a half, maybe. For some crazy reason, I grabbed jeans and a hoodie to throw on and it was 70 Bajillion degrees in there. The basement smelled like dog pee. Go figure. What are they doing in that basement?

I found myself thinking, "If I wanted to die in a storm smelling bad smells, I could have just stayed home."

Michael was spending the night at a friend's house without a basement. Oh, Frap. Alex was out on a date in a nearby town that was getting hammered pretty hard (hurricane strength straight-line winds at 80-90 mph!), so once again, our family was separated and mommy's nerves were SHOT. We reached him by cell before he started heading home, and he and his friend stopped at the police station to wait it out inside. Thank God. Again. He's so good.

I'll keep you abreast of the progress on the shelter. I know you can't wait. Next phase: Dig one heckuva huge hole. It better be soon, because this eyesore of a yard ornament reminds me of Sanford and Son. Badda, badda... badda, badda, badda bahhhh. Badda, badda... Badda, badda, badda, bah. Budda, budda, bum, bum, bumpbum. BUMMM. That's the S&S theme song, in case you weren't catching on to my musical talents, there.

OH MY GOODNESS, you guys! I just had an epiphany! This could totally become like my vacation home. I can tell the fam I'm going to Walmart and go hang out for a few hours in the storm shelter instead! No one will ever know, and I will get some much-needed peace and quiet. I could put a pillow or two down there, some pretty lavender candles, magazines, a bag or two of M&M's... As long as the claustrophobia doesn't kick in, it'll be awesome!

I know. It's a sad, sad little life I'm leading.


Christina said...

Wow, do you get storms like this every year or is it extra crazy this year? That is a lovely storm shelter you have there and I think lavender candles and m-n-m's would be just the trick for making it feel all homey (or like a vacation getaway... or something).

Michelle said...

We do get some scary storms each year, but I definitely think it's been a crazier-than-normal storm season this year! I heard on the news that there have already been more tornadoes, and tornado-related deaths across the country so far this season than ever before.

I also think our little ride through the tornado last month has made us more aware of each storm, instead of walking past the TV and barely paying attention. We are definitely on High Alert! It forced us out of denial and our false sense of security that our WI closet would keep us safe, and made us realize we finally need to do something to better protect the family when they do occur.