Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I may be a freak, but I'm no psycho...

After publishing yesterday's post and doing my usual "After Publishing Proofread" thing (which is when all the typos suddenly appear), it occurred to me that I may have made my reading/history interests sound a little, um... Dark? Twisted and creepy? The historical periods and events I mentioned mostly revolved around horrific human suffering. Did I sound as if I'm obsessed with disasters, death and suffering, just a tiny bit? I hope I didn't make it sound as if I "like" the holocaust or slavery... That would just be icky. It's not the suffering that interests me, it's the surviving. It's the strength exhibited in the personal stories of the people involved that grabs me. People who have had the crap kicked out of them by life and continue on, believing, hoping- and not only surviving, but really living life just amaze and challenge me. People who have every reason to become jaded, hateful, cynical, horrible, but DON'T... That's what I like. If I didn't make that clear yesterday, and had you scared for a minute that you have been reading the pre-manifesto writings of a sicko all this time, I apologize.

Before I go... For those who may not know it yet, S. of Our Vietnamese Ladybug is back from VN with her daughter! She came back last week after 7 long weeks in VN. Hop on over and give her a big "Welcome Home!"

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