Thursday, March 20, 2008

College Road Trip

I know. Another post from me today. Don't I have a life, you wonder? Apparently not today. The kids are on Spring Break here, so I have some MUCH needed extra time on my hands to get important stuff done; deep cleaning, organizing, catching up on things, or ignore the important stuff and talk to you guys instead. Hmmm... Which do I choose?

So, how's this for pathetically embarrassing? We went to see College Road Trip this afternoon. No- that's not the pathetic part, although I was embarrassed to be there watching it. Not a good movie. Not. At. All. I was embarrassed for Martin Lawrence and that pretty little Raven Simone girl who is still trying to cling to her cuteness from her Cosby days. And what happened to Martin's career? So sad. He used to be kinda funny. Bad acting. Bad plot. Bad writing. Bad. Bad. Bad. The only redeeming thing was Donny Osmond- and that's only because I was so in love with him when I was little that I'm allowing him to coast a LOT. Although, I do think Don's had a little work done. His eyes look a little stretched to me. Am I right? But that's neither here nor there, and he was kinda funny at the tail end of the movie. I'll give him a C-, while the rest of the movie gets a D-. Raven Simone gets a... what's worse than an F? Have I made my feelings clear? Not an Oscar contender, is what I'm saying.

Anyhooo... I'm sitting there suffering through this cruddy movie, slapping on the fake "I'm having so much fun here" Mom Smile for the sake of the kid, aware of each and every one of the 83 passing minutes and feeling stupefied to think I PAID someone to steal these 83 minutes from me.

I don't want to give away crucial plot details on such a fine film, but towards the end of the movie, it's time for an over-protective Martin Lawrence to realize his little girl is old enough to be treated as an adult (even though Raven Simone unfortunately chooses to play her part as an obnoxious 12 yr. old through the whole thing, but I'll stop picking on the poor baby, just in case she reads my blog ). He knows he needs to let her go. This is when suddenly, inexplicably, I started to get a little... Oh, we'll say "verklempt."

It made me think about Alex leaving for college in a few months and how it's time for me to stop worrying and being afraid, to pull back and entrust him to the Lord, trust that I've done my job "good enough;" time to let him go, let him be a man, and "Oh my gosh. If he's a man, he won't ever need his mom again," and... You get the idea, right?

When the time comes for Raven's parents to say good-bye and leave her at school, Martin Lawrence flashes back to her as a little girl, and (here comes the pathetically embarrassing part, people)- Aw geez, I can hardly bring myself to say it... I cried. I cried and cried. Real tears running down my face. I even had to stifle one of those embarrassing sob noises. I turned it into a cough. Pretty convincingly, too- I might add.

I cannot believe I cried during College Road Trip. My shame is more than I can bear. Go ahead. Mock. Make fun. Please. Be merciless. I deserve it.

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Christina said...

I can't even sniff during a movie without one of my kids saying "mom's crying again" - I have that kind of reputation. So, no mockery from me, I'd be sitting there crying with you! And thanks for saving me the $$, now I don't have to go see that flick. :-)