Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Feeling Better

Well, the clouds are beginning to part and I can see a few glimmers of sunshine peeking through. My horrible funk is passing. Thank you guys, for the sweet comments the other day after my fun little depression rant. Not a single one of you told me to just shut up and stop whining, which is amazingly kind.

I think I've just been very, very tired for too long and I ran out of steam... Well, that and the fact that my ridiculously high expectations of myself don't do me any favors. I don't know why I'm willing to give someone else a break, but not myself. Never myself. I do apologize, by the way, for making June Cleaver a part of my little break down. That was uncalled for. Even I know that goal is waaaayyy unrealistic, and I don't even really want that. My references to poor old June got a few jabs from some of you guys the other day, and rightfully so... but I say you gotta give props to any woman who calls her son "Beaver" with a straight face. Did they ever offer any explanation as to how he acquired that nickname? I must have missed that episode. I don't remember his teeth sticking out, or anything- and if they did, wouldn't that be really mean and twisted to call him Beaver? You just have to appreciate a woman who can inflict that kind of long-term emotional damage on a kid with no apologies, wearing pearls as she does it- lol! Actually I never watched or liked that show, and I don't really sit around daydreaming I could be her- I promise!

If I had to pick an equally unrealistic TV mom I'd really like to be, it would probably be Laura Petrie (Mary Tyler Moore) from the old Dick Van Dyke Show. Anybody remember her? I always loved that show and her character. She always looked nice- with her cute little capri pants and flippy hairdo, had a clean house, and still had time to maintain relationships with friends and constantly throw those fun little parties where she would serve "potato poopies (which I don't think I would have eaten)" and "corn curlys" then sing and dance for everyone right there in her own living room. Awesome! But, I DO understand that TV is not real life (really, I do!) and I can't be the perfect sitcom mom. I don't look good in those skinny capri pants anyway. So, who's your favorite TV mom? Let's hear it!

Last Monday, we had to take Tucker back to the Dr. for a THIRD round of antibiotics. He has a sinus infection that just won't die, and the Dr. said if it doesn't clear up, it could be a polyp in his sinus cavity. She didn't act too concerned about that, but it doesn't sound good to me. Any medical people out there? Should I be doing a Mommy Freak Out over that, or not?

Then on Thursday, we were supposed to take a field trip to the cave I was telling you guys about. Livie woke up with a fever (a little one), but said she felt "great" and wanted to go. So we dosed her up with Tylenol and went. We had a lot of fun. It was really interesting and beautiful in there, but once my claustrophobia started kicking in, I forgot to take any pictures. There were tiny little bats in there hibernating. One of them moved a little when the guide shined a flashlight at him. I freaked. But just a little bit. Good times.

On Friday, we were supposed to go on another field trip with our homeschool group, but had to skip it. Instead, it was Olivia's turn to go back to the Dr., since I'm such a great mom and drag my sick babies all over creation to look at bats in damp, chilly caves. She did not need another round of antibiotics, because her ear and lungs looked and sounded good this time- Thank God. The Dr. thinks it was a separate viral thing this time. I was told to take her home and give her plenty of rest, so...

On Saturday, we all packed into the van for the long trek to Pea Ridge, AR. There is a Civil War battle site and national park there, and this was the 146th anniversary of the battle. They had a lot of special stuff going on on Saturday only, and Olivia kept assuring me she felt "great," and wanted to go. Since she wasn't running any fever that morning, we went. I'm not always such a horrible mother when it comes to my kids' health, really!

We had a really good time. I must admit, I'm a little bit of a history geek. I hate boring text books; can't stand a bunch of dates, and dry facts, but I LOVE memoirs and biographies from certain periods of history- The Civil War is one of those periods. Walking around this place with all the guys dressed up was like living history. So interesting! I had more fun than my kids, I think! To some, this may sound almost as nerdy as, oh... say, a Trekkie Convention, or something. But it wasn't like that at all. Those people... Well, I won't say anymore. Wouldn't want to offend any Trekkie readers.

Just an FYI, for those who may want to mock my geekiness later, in addition to the Civil War/Slavery era, I'm also really interested in stories of the Titanic, Henry VIII, his wives and his kids (Elizabeth I), the Holocaust, etc. I really have a thing for reading about people who lived through unspeakably horrible circumstances. I even like reading about the Donner Party, so how's that grab you for weird? Moving on...

When we were back in the van heading home, Tucker said, "Hey Mom? Can you feel my head and see if I have a fever?" Oh, great. Sure enough, he had one. I imagine it's a touch of the same virus Livie had, but with the troubles we've had getting his nose cleared up- it's the last thing we need.

On Sunday morning, Tuck's fever was down (mostly) and he said he felt well enough to go to church. I thought he looked a little puny around the eyes, and between the fevers and the snot really needed to stay home. Plus, I didn't want to spread this thing all over church and have some kid's mother cussing me behind my back, as we all know church women are prone to do... Or is that just me? However, he told me that if he misses a service, he won't get to be in the Easter play because he has a big speaking part and the teacher said they can't miss. "Can I please go, Mom. Can I, please?" So we went. While I was there, I prayed he wouldn't snot all over other kids and get someone else sick.

Yesterday (Monday), I was the one lucky enough to play the fever game, complete with a pounding headache all day. Oh, the fun... Can you feel it?

That brings us up to this morning. I had to call the Pediatrician's office to ask what the deal is on Tuck's antibiotics. Last Monday, she said she was going to keep him on them longer this time, but he took his last dose Sunday night. So what gives? I talked to the nurse, who checked Tuck's chart, and he was supposed to get 20 days worth of antibiotics. The pharmacy gave us 6 days worth, with no refills. Nor did they give us a heads up that they were going to short us- no explanations, no nothing. The bottle also did not say "take for 20 days" on it. Hmmm. Weird. So, today we have to go pick up more meds for the T man.

It looks like I'm also going to have to call and reschedule some hospital tests Alex was supposed to have next Monday, because he's still trying to get over a never ending cold thing, and they said he cannot be sick within 7-10 days of the test because they have to put him under for it. He's really bummed about rescheduling it. He wants it during his Spring Break, so he won't have to miss school. At our H.S., if you miss one day, you have to take finals and he doesn't want that. He may not have a choice... Poor guy.

Tonight, I'm being taken out by my boyfriend. Dinner and a movie. I'm trying to push for Thai food (my FAVORITE, but definitely not his), but I don't want to push my luck since we're already seeing my pick for the movie- "The Other Boleyn Girl." ...See? There's that Henry VIII fascination I was telling you about. NERD!!!!

And this coming Saturday, I'm supposed to go meet my future daughter-in-law (my stepson's fiancee), her mother (we met only once before, briefly), and my stepson's mother (my husbands ex-wife) for a shopping trip to look at mother's dresses for the wedding. I tried to gently suggest to my son that this may not be a "comfortable" thing for all the moms involved, to have us all thrown together like that, and I would be happy to step aside and let the moms go do their thing. I thought it was nice just to be invited and included, period. However, he thinks this trip is a good idea, a good chance for everyone to bond, and still wants me to go... That's nice... (What? I didn't say anything. No, I did not make a face. I did NOT! I don't know what you're talking about. It's going to be fun. It's going to be fun. It's going to be FUN... Oh, Dear God...) Saying no more.

Here's a few pictures of the Nerd Fest from Saturday.

Evan is more interested in the cannon than in smiling for the camera.
Who is this chub and why does she always stand in front of me in pictures?
Darrell seems to like her, at least.

This was a demonstration of a field hospital. They cleared out a room in this tavern (The Elkhorn Tavern), and used a door for the operating table.The Elkhorn Tavern
Infantry demonstration

Artillery demonstration

Tucker took this picture, so he's not in it...

And Bri took this one. We all look pretty dorky here
but she was really proud of herself, so I can't let here down. Boys and their toys

All in all, a really cool day. Way more interesting and fun than it appears in the photos.
The best part was just getting out together as a family and enjoying some sunshine.


Anonymous said...

I would also like to be the "perfect" mother and wife. BUT I do truly love Debra on Everybody Loves Raymond. She is just great!! There are days when I wish I could just look at my husband and say "IDIOT!!" without feeling guilty afterwards. Sure glad to hear you are feeling better. I am too!! I am trying the "new attitude" approach. We will see if it works!

Tina, KC

Tami said...

I don't know, it sounds like a lot of fun to me. Does that mean I'm a nerd too?! :)

Rebecca said...

Sorry this is so late (I don't have as much time for my computer anymore), but I LOVE history and would have loved going there also!!!