Thursday, March 13, 2008

First Official Sign of Spring

Is this the face of a hardened criminal?

Spring is just around the corner. I know this not by looking at my calendar, or by the warming weather, but by the fact that my daughter brought me flowers today- picked without permission from the neighbor's yard. Despite my repeated attempts over the years to stop my little criminals, the "Stealing of the Daffodils" has become a tradition and the surest sign of Spring. Each year's new thief always tries to use the same old tired excuse... They don't recall me yelling at last year's thief for committing the same offense. Yeah, sure. I must confess, it is hard to be disgusted with that proud, smiling face thrusting pretty flowers under my nose.

Here's a few thrown in for fun. Mike whipped out the Elvis glasses to make me laugh. He succeeded. What a dork.

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Heather & David said...

I can't decide which picture is cuter. You have such a wonderful family. I have to agree that the thaw of spring seems to be lifting my mood too.