Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Brief Update

That's all I have time for...

There's been a problem with getting all of the BM's and baby's paperwork together (apparently they are still waiting on one or two pieces of paper), so we still do not have a court date. The attorney is pushing for April though, so we should still be leaving very soon. I have a feeling once we get our date, it's all going to happen really, really fast.

I feel like I'm on one of those amusement park rides that spin you around so fast, you lose your breath. I'm having a great time, but it would also be nice to breathe. Guess I'll breathe later.

I've been trying to get organized and set out things that I know I'll need to take. I now have piles and bags of stuff scattered all over the house and it doesn't appear to be organized at all. Judging by the amount of stuff sitting around me right now, I'm guessing I'll need 13 suitcases, each containing roughly 45 bajillion pounds of crap. Maybe I should reassess.

More later. Have a great Wednesday... It is Wednesday, isn't it?


Elaine said...

I'm pretty sure it's Wednesday, but I've been asking myself that question most of the morning. And I have no excuse. But now I want to go make a cake. Dang you.

Tami said...

Yep. Its Wednesday. Brownies anyone?

Tracy said...

Hang in there!