Wednesday, April 8, 2009

And just to keep it interesting...

Apparently, there has been a tiny flub with the paperwork in the Marshall Islands. And, you understand, when I say *tiny,* I mean pretty darn big. Are you ready for this?

It seems, at this point, no one can be certain if I am the mother of a boy or girl!

Some of the initial paperwork from the medical report says female, and the later paperwork says male. Our agency lady says it looks like we may actually have ourselves a daughter. She's checking on it and getting back to me.

I recommend someone over there takes a peek down the diaper. I mean, how hard could it be to determine which paperwork is correct? The process can't be all that long and involved, can it? Why, I bet I could verify my own gender right now in less than a minute!

It has always been my understanding that there is a fairly accurate way to determine one's sex, is there not? The child will either have a little schwinkle (er... a, uh... dangling participle, for the English majors in the crowd) or it will not, correct?

Have I been misinformed all these years? Was Miss Jed from 7th grade health class wrong?

Anyhoo, Sam may not be a Sam. Sam may be a Vivian. Or... someone.

Of course this news comes one day after I removed the tags from the new boy's bedding set and put it, with a few other boyish things, into the wash. Of course. At least little Vivian's blue and green bedding will be nice and fresh and snuggly soft.

But, I'm thrilled either way.

I don't care what I'm getting. Really, I don't. I'd just like to know if my baby is schwinkled or non-schwinkled. Surely, that's not too much to ask.

Dear Sam/Vivian/Whoever you are,
Mommy loves you and hopes to see you soon. And by *see you,* I mean SEE you- as in, check out the goods. I apologize in advance for looking down your pants shortly after we meet. Not the best way to make a good first impression, and it's not something I make a habit of doing when meeting new people, but... There are some things a mother just needs to know. You understand.



Rebecca Hoffmann said...

Oh My GOSH!!! The same thing happened with us when we adopted Catie! The first thing we did when we saw her was to take off her diaper. I pray you find out soon and travel even sooner! I know how hard it is to wait!

Elaine said...

Just as long as you don't go all Fido and sniff his/her butt upon first meeting him/her.

Kelli said...

Oh my....nothing like keeping things interesting while you wait!

Kelly said...

Oh my goodness. Now that definitely keeps things interesting. I hope you know for sure soon.

Nicki said...

Are you kidding?!?! That's insane and hilarious and just a tiny bit crazy-making, all at once! I hope you find out if the participle is dangling or not, very very soon! There are exchanges to be made and shopping to be done and if the shwinkle is de-shwinked, I will need to start sewing!

Anonymous said...

Now there's a bit of news! I hope they figure it out soon. I've heard of this happening before and it always strikes me as a little weird. As you stated, how difficult is it to just go look? :) Well, I hope you have Sam or Clementine or whoever soon!

dimeadozen said...

How FUNNY, in a "Doesn't God have a imaginative sense of humor" kind-of-way or a I'm so glad that's not me kind of way, or a what kind of medical system do they have kind-of-way, or I don't know what I'd do if that happened to me kind-of-way, wait a sec., it is happening to me!

Things will work out fine, God knew you needing more blog material!
Love ya,

Tracy said...

WOW! You think they would be able to handle that part! Have a Blessed Easter!

Anonymous said...

Oh boy. (Or "Oh girl." take your pick!) Way to keep you on your toes to the bitter end! Hope someone over there figures out how to look down a diaper ASAP!

Tami said...

Good grief! How crazy is that?! Of course you don't have to really change the name. Sam could be a girl...Samantha, maybe?! :)

Laura L. said...

Well that is a crazy bit of news! Kind of like waiting for the delivery, and not knowing the sex. When you find out, give us a shout of "It's a boy or it's a girl!"