Saturday, February 28, 2009

Top 5 Lists

I've loved your thoughts on names (thank you, all!) and thought I'd give you an update on the stalemate between Darrell and I over the name Samantha. After all of your suggestions, and a little more searching on my own, here are lists of our Top Five Names...

Michelle's List
1. The name hated by all but me.
2. Sophia/Sophie
3. Vivian
4. Violet
5. Tess

For *middle names, I'm thinking of using Rose or Grace with most of the above, except for Tess. What would be a good middle name that goes with Tess? I'm thinking maybe Renee? But I don't know if I like that. What do you guys think? Our last name is two syllables, if that helps.

*(For both genders, the baby's Marshallese name will be worked in as a second middle name, like we did with Bri- or possibly used as the only middle name).

Darrell's List
1. Samantha/Sam
2. "...Uh..."
3. "I haven't thought of any overnight."
4. "...Well..."
5. "Oh, uh... I... uh... kinda like Tess... maybe."

You see my problem, right? It's not just me, is it? (No, Michelle, of course it's not. It's all him, honey... Aawwwll him.) He is being extraordinarily difficult.

I'm also stressing over preparing for a baby boy. Even though we've already settled on the name (still Sam, no changes there), I'm doing other things to work myself into an unnecessary tizzy. I've been trying to choose paint colors for his room. I look at baby clothes everywhere I go, trying to find cute boy clothes that are not covered in the typical boats, bears, dinosaurs and footballs, even though we have no idea how old he'll be or what size he will be.

You know, if I were pregnant, everyone would just say I was nesting and my behavior would be considered totally normal, even cute. But since I'm "only" adopting, I'm just crazy to be worrying over all of this before our referral.

That's not fair. Adoptive moms nest, too!


Rachel said...

Ok, please please please PLEASE share the hated name?!? I am DYING to know here!

I love the middle name Grace. Well, I just really love the name Grace.

Heidi said...

Another Sam's (boy) mom here. Let me help. Paint color: I went with sage green. Good for either gender. I plan to accent with pink if/when it's a girl.

As for boy's clothes, the answer is "stripes." Maybe a duck or truck, but otherwise I stay away from dorky characters and sports themes. I must not be the only one, because there are a lot of nice stripes out there.

Heather said...

ok... first... love the names... all of them. Love the middle names too. For Tess... something with 3 sylables or more is needed... Tess Elizabeth, perhaps. I am laughing over hubby's name selection.. very similar to my husbands name discussion... and we need to effectively agree on not one, but two. And as far as nesting... based on todays post... you are nesting just in time. For boys, monkeys monkeys monkeys... I am in love with monkeys.

LaLa said...

I know what you mean...boy stuff is hard. I too don't like all the "stuff" on boy's clothes..I make an exception for dogs b/c Annslee loves it : )