Monday, February 23, 2009

Marshallese, please!

I don't suppose I have any new readers who have adopted from the Marshall Islands? Or you are Marshallese? Or know someone who is from there? How about Micronesia? Or maybe you've read a book about the Marshall Islands? Ha! Is there anyone out there from Hawaii? Close enough-lol! Gee whiz, at this point, I may even settle for someone named Marshall!!

The RMI adoption community is so much smaller than VN or China, it's very hard to find anyone. So... Where y'all at?

We joined the Yahoo group for RMI adoption when we first started the program, but again, very small... and they seem to be a close-knit group of old friends. We would love to connect with some new online friends, find your blogs, and get to know your beautiful families. We're eager to learn as much as we can about the culture and customs, as well as the travel and adoption process as we get closer to a referral.

If you know of anyone, feel free to pass on my blog address and/or email (on the sidebar), or give me their blog address. Thanks!


Heidi said...

I did forward your blog to a family from our VN agency who did not get a VN referral and they switched to the RMI. They may be lurking and hopefully will pipe up!

Christina Hubbard said...

We have 2 different cousins who have adopted from the Marshall Islands. Their children are 11 and 8 or 9 I think. They are not great about emailing and don't have blogs but I could maybe pass on some info to them. The boys are adorable! They were both very tiny when they came home!!


Anonymous said...

Well, unlike the C.H. experience with small boys from RMI, my brother has a friend who has a son from RMI and he is huge- always has been!:) I think he's about 8 now. I will ask my brother about him and pass along your blog address.