Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Facebook Status

For those of you who know me on Facebook, this post is a repeat.  You may want to skip it altogether...  Unless you'd like to start a juicy discussion in the comments!  ???  I'm so blessed to have an interesting mix of political and religious viewpoints among my blogging friends, so I'd love to hear your opinions about Richard Mourdock's recent comments regarding rape and pregnancy.  Here are mine (and this is the repetitive part; a copy of my most recent fb status): 
I'm struggling to understand all the fuss and fury over Richard Mourdock's comments. When you really look at what he said, and not what the Liberals are twisting his words to mean, how is it all that bad? How is it "demeaning to women?" I can see why his comments would ruffle the feathers of non-Believers who do not choose to acknowledge God's purpose in ANYTHING. I can see why it would offend the pro-abortionists who do not place value on ANY unborn child's life... But how does it demean a woman to say God created her child with a purpose?

I DO believe my birth was part of God's plan, and I'm not sorry for that. Am I happy my birth mother was raped so that I could be here? Of course not. Is God? Absolutely NOT! But... I DO believe I was "intended" by God to be here, and 'deserve' to be here just as surely as any 'planned' or 'wanted' child, conceived in a loving relationship. Thank God my birth mother thought so, too. She did not
(and emotionally could not) choose to parent me, and no one would fault her for that. But, instead of punishing me for the crime committed against her, she lovingly chose adoption. Should I have been aborted because some disgusting excuse of a human being committed a crime against her?

The sad thing is knowing that some of you are answering 'Yes.'

Despite the circumstances of my conception, I know God has a plan and purpose for my life (and I see that purpose every time I look into the beautiful faces of my own children). Isn't that all Mourdock is saying? God has a plan in all things, for all people? And that sentiment is somehow demeaning to women? He never said rape is God's plan for women. In fact, he said the opposite.
I believe in a God who exchanges beauty for ashes, and turns tragedies into blessings. If you don't, fine. But to viciously attack this man's assertion is to conversely suggest that God does NOT intend for babies conceived in rape to exist; that they are even more disposable, and THAT is demeaning to ME.

Thoughts, anyone?


Anonymous said...

I saw the post on FB but didn't jump in... so I'll start it here. :)

I totally agree with you... and frankly, it's obvious this whole Outrageous Outrage is manufactured just to revive the very valid concerns over what Akin said a few months back. The Dems smell defeat and it's making them desperate and crazy. Just look at that awful commercial the O's team just put out implying that you should lose your virginity to him. ICK.

Michelle said...

I totally agree with you, *Chris--this is a desperate and deliberate attempt to distract, deceive, and re-stir the Akin pot; to portray all of us as being like something out of "Deliverance"- backwards, rape-loving, woman-hating, etc., etc...

It's sad, though, how many people are willing to be so easily deceived.

And thank you for commenting, btw. I was really hoping to hear some opinions on this.

Hardly anyone ever comments on my blog anymore. It's going to give me a complex. My lurkers are making me sad...

(*I accidentally typed 'Christ' at first and had to change it- lol... You might develop a big head if I started calling you Christ.)