Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Of gratitude and sex dolls...

Instead of thanking you all in a comment on the last post, I wanted to say it here- in a post of its own- to make sure you would see it.  You have no idea how much your words of support and kindness meant to both of us.  I showed Darrell most of the comments last night, and he had tears in his eyes, just as I did (well, actually, I had tears running down my face).  We were both overwhelmed.  Thank you, guys.  You may not think you helped...  but you did. 

Once again, we are blown away by the fact that those loving, supportive comments came from friends we've never met. Funny, isn't it?   (We do have friends and relatives in our lives who are nice to us, too...  I don't mean to make it sound like we don't.  Ha! That wouldn't speak very highly of us, would it?  If our only friends and supporters were of the cyber variety?)

(...Oh. My. Goodness.  Speaking of having friends who aren't "in the flesh," did you guys see that episode of "Strange Addictions" where that creepy little dude had a life-sized silicone doll for a wife?  Have I already blogged about this?  I wouldn't be surprised if I'm repeating myself, as it made such an indelible impression.  I was... well, I don't know what I was, but it was like a mix of being shocked, horrified and nauseous.  Is there a word for that?  Shockiffauseous?  He talked to it, you guys.  He put it in a chair at the table and ate dinner with it.  He did, um, other things with it, too.  Oh, did you hear that?  Did you hear me gag just then?  I accidentally vomited in my mouth just a tiny bit.  I honestly had bad dreams after I saw that show.  And in my defense, I didn't watch it on purpose...  It was just "on" and before I knew it, I could not change the channel.  But, I digress...)

Back to the topic, which is neither sex dolls, nor the scary men who love them... We'll do an in-depth discussion of that another day, perhaps? 

(Oh, gosh.  I just realized I may have offended one of you who might possibly be the proud owner of your own little silicone friend.  If you own a, um, synthetic partner, dear friend, I'm sure yours is, um, very nice.  I was not referring to you, of course, when I used the words creepy, scary and unholy.  Oh, I didn't use the word unholy?  Of course I didn't.  Why would I?  What could possibly be unholy about knowing a doll in the Biblical sense?  I fully respect and tolerate that freaky little alternative lifestyle you've got going on there.  I am not repulsed by it at all.  Whoopsie, I just puked again, but that little bit of vomit was about something else.  Not you.)

Now, back on track.  For real this time...  Thank you! I love you guys.  Whether we've met or not, you've proven to be wonderful friends when I need them and I hope I will be the same for you.

In answer to some of your questions: 
Yes, I would be very willing to work from home.  In fact, I'd rather do that than get a night job elsewhere.  I haven't heard of any real options to do that around here, other than the phone sex trade... and that pesky little gag reflex of mine has probably ruined my shot at a lucrative career in that field.  If local friends hear of legal and non-gag inducing opportunities to work from home, please let me know!

Yes, we are in the process of contacting our creditors and letting them all know what's going on.  Some are more understanding than others.  Some of those people act as if I owe them personally.  Jerks.  Are they trained to make a bad situation feel even worse? 

One last thing before I go:  I just want to mention that something goofy is going on with my comments, or email address-  I'm not sure which.  But, I'm not always receiving your comments.  Sometimes, they're being sent to the junk folder and other times I don't get them at all and just happen to notice them here on the blog.  So...  if you ask me a question or otherwise expect to get a response to your comment (but don't), don't think I've blown you off! : ))


Anonymous said...

Glad you are feeling better. Hugs, as always.

Nicki said...

There really are legit WAH jobs. I'll dig up the links to where I job-shopped and send them to you. They aren't going to be local - that's sort of the whole point :) Is that ok?

I am now going to have to watch for that strange addiction episode. Fascinating. I know someone who divorced her husband to fake-marry someone on Second Life. THAT was bizarre too. I guess I must just be a total prude. Whenever I watch those type of shows or shows like Real Sex, I wonder where ALL these people are who have sex lives like this. There seems to be no shortage. It is really fascinating!

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen that show, but I saw something on Youtube (I think) a few years back about a guy and his doll. He still lived in his parents' house, and his parents were all, "Our son is a freak," and the dude was all, "My parents are closed-minded and judgmental," and I was all, "*Barf* You're having sex with a doll in the bedroom you grew up in and they are not kicking you out! How dare you judge them??" And then he demonstrated how he could switch the doll's tongue out for a different type of tongue, depending on what he was . . . umm, I'm not even sure. I don't even want to know. But he had a very creepy emotional attachment to that doll.
Anyhoo, glad you are feeling better. One of my husband's employees moonlights writing for some car blog. He gets to drive cool cars and write reviews about them. The husb thinks I should look into doing that, because the guy is making something like $2500 a month on that job, but thinks with a little effort he could bump it up to $4000. I know nothing about cars, but if they wanted a humorous, sterotypical woman's review, I think you and I would make a great writing team!

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. Word. You are HYSTERICAL. So so glad to see you still have your sense of humor. :)