Friday, March 4, 2011

Looking on the bright side...

As long as we remain in our current situation, I'm trying to "give thanks in all circumstances," so I have decided to list a few of my reasons to be grateful here:

Top Ten Reasons Why It's Awesome to Be Poverty-Stricken

10.  From what I've been able to determine from my own unscientific observations at my local Wal-mart, a lack of personal hygiene and poverty seem to sometimes go together.  From what I've witnessed, being poor gives me an excuse to stop worrying about hair, makeup, body odor, dental care and wearing a bra (this may sound a little catty and judgmental, but notice I said 'sometimes,' so as not to offend poor people with good hygiene, or non-poor people with bad hygiene, and in my defense... you haven't seen the lovely ladies who shop at my Wal-mart).

9.  I don't have to feel guilty for saying 'No' to kids who are selling ridiculously expensive crap for school fundraisers or charities.

8.  My sons have stopped asking to borrow gas money from me.

7.  If I can't afford groceries, I'll have no choice but to lose weight.  And...

6.  When I can afford groceries, I'll learn a new appreciation for yucky things I hate, like cheap, frozen pizza and the same old boring ham or peanut butter sandwiches.

5.  Winning!!!  (I don't know how this applies, but if Charlie Sheen can keep repeating it as his life falls apart, so can I)!!!

4.  Poverty has distracted me from constantly obsessing over my bad haircut.

3.  I won't have to call 911, like Paula Abdul, to make my boyfriend let me out of his car, because my boyfriend can't afford gas.

2.  I am being given opportunities to appreciate and admire the wonderful people I call my children, all over again.  If they're not praying with me or for me, they're trying to hand me a paycheck or a piggy bank, or they're offering to sell video games or other things to help out.  I'm often told we've raised great kids.  Chances are, they are great kids in spite of us, not because of us, but yes- they are great kids. 

1.  I am being reminded on a daily basis that God is bigger than all of this.  He doesn't need my money to help Him take care of us.  He does it anyway.  Just because He loves me.  He is good.  And I am thankful.


metaphase said...

Please, for all the rest of us who have to shop at Wal-mart, do not follow #10! tee-hee
I don't know the plan for you, but I pray it unfolds quickly and this season is your lives is short. I've been praying for you every day. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the good reminder! Love you friend

Nicki said...

your list made me laugh AND cry! It's a good list. WINNING!

Anonymous said...

I loved this list. And honey? It ain't just your Wal Mart. What I wouldn't give for a Target in my town. And did you hear yesterday? Apparently if you have tiger blood and Adonis DNA, that makes you a warlock! Charlie may have money, but you are winning! Hang in there -- I'll keep praying for you.

Lina said...

Love the list..and so true! I started clipping coupons. And I cut my own hair twice now...and frosted it twice...and no one can tell! Both would have been done in the salon for at least $60 a pop before. I go to coupons .com - they have a bunch. And the Walmart thing - that must be universal because our local one is the same damn way. Why is it okay to wear your pajamas in public now? I do not get it.