Thursday, July 3, 2008


Sometimes you come across something (or someone) so magnificently brainless and blatantly offensive, that it's funny. Our local newspaper ran a story the other day about an "Adult" store that recently opened. People aren't happy about it, especially the county commissioner. Regarding the store, he told reporters (I kid you not- this is a direct quote... get ready...), "It's time to bring the Klan back, and put black, yellow and red people in those white suits."
Huh??? ???

He said that to the newspaper!! Muuwaaahahaahhaaa. Whoooo-hooooo. Heee, hee. That's good stuff. Good stuff. But what the heck does it even mean?

Apparently, the meaning of his comment, particularly as it applied to a porn shop, was a little vague to everyone else too, because he was asked to explain it. He said that people used to "take care of their own neighborhoods" without needing the government's intervention. He went on to say (Hee, hee- I just love this part!) he meant nothing racial by his comment (oh, really???) , and didn't intend to offend anyone, he just longed for the days when "people did their own housecleaning."

Gee, buddy. Stupid much?

Now, let me see... What was it I was saying recently about having concerns over adopting an AA baby into this community? Hmmmmm.

It's such an odd and offensive thing to say, you can't help but laugh. What a dufus. Little tip for you, Mr. Commissioner- if you don't intend to offend people, and don't want your words to be construed as being racist, you may want to rethink using terms like, oh- I don't know... "Klan," and "white suits." Especially together in the same sentence. I'm not one hundred per cent sure about this, but it makes the black, yellow and red people slightly nervous, I'm thinking.

Actually, I do understand what the poor schmuck was trying to say, so I shouldn't give him such a hard time. He's suggesting that we come together, as a unified community, regardless of race... and torch the porn store. Right? Is that what you got out of it, too?


Heather & David said...

A unified anti-racist lynch mob. I don't know whether to laugh or cry at the mere thought of his dim wittedness.

Kelly said...

I got a good laugh out of all of this. Some people are so ignorant. Wow.