Tuesday, July 8, 2008

It finally happened

Last night I was watching TV with Tuck, Olivia, and Brianna, when a commercial came on for, um... certain personal Ladies Products. The kind that are needed every 30 days, or so... Are we all on the same page?

In all my years of parenting boys, I have never, ever had one of them ask me about those commercials. Never. When they help unload groceries, they have never, ever asked what certain boxes and packages are for. They just leave those items in the Walmart sack for me to deal with as I see fit. It's as if God instills in every male an innate desire not to know certain things about the complicated workings of the female body. They seem to just know that some questions are better left unasked. But not Tucker. No, sir.

During the commercial last night, Tuck said, "So what are those things for, anyway?"
Caught off guard and trying to deflect the bullet to the best of my abilities, I calmly answered, "Oh, those are just for grown-up women. You wouldn't have any interest in them."

Not good enough, people.

Tuck replied with, "Yeah, but I mean, what do they do?"

Aw, geez.

I, with years and years of parenting wisdom to guide me, carefully said, "Ummm. Well. They, uhhhhh..."
Tuck interrupts with, "Are they for your feet? Because they look kind of like those Dr. Scholl's things."
"No," I say. "They're not for feet. They're... um....uhhhhhh..."
"Oh, look! I want to see this movie," Tuck said.

Thank God. Another commercial came on.

But I'm still trying to figure out what Tampax and Dr. Scholl's products have in common.


Miles' Mama said...

HA! Too funny. Got off pretty easy this time, didn't you? I think you did well to even think about giving him a straight answer. I would have said yes when he asked if they were for you feet ;)

Michelle said...

LOL! That's what I'll do next time, then- just say they're for your feet.

Nicki said...

Oh my gosh, that is so funny! And you know, you are right. In 13 years of parenting boys not once have my very inquisitive boys asked about the products, commercials, etc. Addison, otoh, was trying to figure out how to insert tampons before she was 18 months old! Eek.

Angel said...

Awwwwwww.... you dodged THAT bullet. That is too funny. Angel

Tami said...

Whew! You got out of that one. I still haven't come up with a answer for that question yet. UGH! I don't even want to think about it! ;>)

LaLa said...

Ha ha...too funny!! I rarely get privacy in the potty but I always lock the door during this event..not ready to explain it yet : )

Heather & David said...

Were you watching tampax or kotex... I can see how a kotex pad looks like a shoe insert. But you got me on the tampax. Too funny. Let me know how you make out if it ever comes up again. lol

char said...

When we were kids my sister got a hold of a sample that came in the mail. My mom found it stuck to her bedroom window that faced the street! My sister said she got a "puffy sticker" in the mail!

Michelle said...

Oh my gosh, Char, that's hilarious!