Thursday, July 17, 2008

Short post... for once

This won't be long, because my computer is still broken and I don't like using Darrell's. It makes my fingers type goofy things. Plus, I'm sick and feel like poop.

Just a few random things to pass along...

We heard that our agency finally (FINALLY!!!!!!) received a referral from Vietnam!! Yeah for that blessed family! It still doesn't mean much in the way of good news for us- highly unlikely enough referrals would come in before the deadline to get down to us, but at least someone is getting good news!

Speaking of referrals, Lina got hers- Congratulations! I'm so happy for you, hon. I'm a tiny bit late acknowledging the good news- I'm behind in my blog reading. I feel like I'm missing out on everything.

Also, Alex and Mike left today for a canoe/camping trip with their youth group. Keep them in your prayers. They will be doing all kinds of fun stuff- cliff jumping, river rapids, etc. You know how stupid teenage boys are, don't you? They're stupid enough to think nothing bad can ever happen to them. I really, really need them to return alive... If anything is going to kill them, I think it should be me. I've earned the right.

Lastly, thanks to the FEW (ah-hem...) of you who have responded to my photography post with advice and suggestions! I sincerely appreciate it!! But, where are all the other photographers? They either have (gasp) actual lives that do not allow for time wasted on my blog, OR they don't want to pass on their secrets, fearing I will become as good as they are. I think it's the second one.

If I don't catch you again before the weekend, have a good one! Don't forget to pray for my idiotic sons' safe return.



Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle;
Just wanted to pop in and let you know that I read your blog faithfully! I don't have any camera advice to give you, but I'm here & I read!
Have a great weekend! Your boys will be in my prayers (I've got 2 post-teenagers, two current teenagers & 2 that will be teenagers someday). I hope you feel better!

Lia said...

Hi Michelle,

Thank you for the shout out on your blog!! I'm still trying to get my feet on the ground after finally getting a referral.

I am interested in seeing what others say about the camera issue too. I so want to get a new one before I travel.

I hope you feel better really soon. Being sick makes everything no fun.

sassy chic said...

Chelle, Chelle, Chelle! You know my pictures are as bad or worse than yours! But I read your blog every chance I get which is pretty much everyday as I don't have much in the way of a life...sigh. But I do enjoy your accounts of yours! :)