Sunday, July 6, 2008

Another Random Post

So, how was everybody's Fourth? I can't find my camera anywhere, so we didn't get any pics of the kiddos with their fireworks. Our holiday was pretty boring this year anyway, so I didn't miss much. We were originally supposed to go to a friend's cookout and shoot fireworks, but a few of us weren't feeling well (including me). We ended up just being lazy and hanging out at home. Then later, Darrell took the little kids to the town's firework display while I stayed home and went to bed early.

I'm not really a big 4th of July person anyway. I hate all the noise- I'm too jumpy. Even when I see the fuse being lit and know the noise is coming, I will still jump and almost wet my pants. Occasionally, if the noise is loud enough to really startle me, a very mild expletive might be muttered. I've also made an unintentional tradition out of ruining the kids' fun by tossing out a barrage of warnings and cautionary tales. I'm one of those "You're going to put someone's eye out with that thing" kind of moms. Darrell is like, "Geez- it's a sparkler! Would you just please relax?"

Suffice it to say, the whole family is happier if I leave Darrell in charge and just stay inside, blissfully unaware of how many digits my kids may be losing. I only decide we had a happy Fourth of July after we make it all the way through with no fingers or limbs blown off and no trips to the emergency room. Call me crazy, but I would like for my kids to make it into adulthood with no major burn scars and all original appendages intact. Gee, I'm mean.

Bad Transition #1: The little kids start swimming lessons on Monday morning. Hopefully my camera will turn up and I can post some cute pictures of them this week.

Bad Transition #2: My big project this week will be making a Dr. appt. for myself. I hate going to a doctor. H*A*T*E it. Detest. Abhor. Despise. Loathe. It's like dragging a wild horse to make me go. I do not like it, is what I'm saying. I find every excuse on earth not to go: We don't have insurance on me, I'm just to busy this week to squeeze it in, I've been sick so long that surely I'll be better soon, etc., etc... I wait until I'm unbelievably miserable, and that moment usually occurs at 4:49 on a Friday afternoon, which always means I'll be waiting at least until Monday.

And Bad Transition #3: I can't believe how fast the summer is flying by. School will be just around the corner, and I'm not ready. We had such a crazy May and June that it doesn't seem like we've had any time to just STOP. With two graduations, my mini-breakdown, my mom's visit, Tuck's surgery, our vacation, the wedding... my other, bigger, mini-breakdown... It's just been a lot of go, go, go. Now I'm ready to STOP and I have to start planning and getting ready for school in just a couple weeks. I was going to use this summer to:

  1. Get the house organized once and for all, including closets : (, so we wouldn't go through another school year flying by the seat of our pants. Or more accurately- with our heads up our... you-know-whats.
  2. Get Brianna's Lifebook done. It's completely written, kind of, but only half the pages are scrapped and done. She's only been home for six years, you know.
  3. Develop a more fair and efficient chore system for the kids and allow them time to get used to it before school.
  4. Spend lots of time having fun outside with the kids, enjoying the summer.
  5. Put all of the pictures on my computer onto discs, and backup all my important stuff.
  6. Squeeze in one more mini-breakdown- 'cause they're so darn fun.
  7. Paint my laundry room and bathroom.

Now, if you were guessing... How many of those would you say I can cross off my list?

Tha's right. Zippity.

Although, I have a feeling #6 will find a way of getting done.

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Rebecca said...

Let me know how the Chore thing goes--if it works let me know! I would like to try it out on my kids!!!