Friday, May 23, 2008

What a week

I haven't had much to say lately, since it's been crazy busy around here.
Here's a "quick" recap of the past week:

Last Wednesday- My mom arrived. We attended an assembly at Alex's high school to recognize the kids who earned scholarships and other awards.

Thurs.- Mom and I made the long trek up to Kansas City, spent the afternoon visiting a cousin, and found my sparkly Tinkerbell dress for the wedding. When we got back home, Mom took us all out to dinner.

Friday- Spent the whole day acting like a crazy person trying to get my house "company clean" and prepping food for graduation the next day. We invited 37 people to dinner. I bought enough food to feed quite a few more. Due to several unfortunate events, guess how many of the invitees came to dinner????

Saturday- Graduation Day. We were so, so, so proud of Alex! I spent the whole morning acting like a crazy person trying to get my house "company clean" and prepping food for the dinner that night. Sooo... How many people came over after the ceremony?

As in T-W-O.
Dos. Duex. Er. Due.
TWO people, besides my mom and the eight of us.
Two out of 37.
Do I know how to throw a party, or what?

Incidentally, I didn't cry at the ceremony like I thought I would, because I was so focused on getting the perfect pictures. Awesome shots like these:
I am an amazing photographer, I know. The talent abounds and astounds. Eat your heart out, Nicki. I am available for weddings, Mitzvahs- both Bar and Bat, and all your special occasions. You can book my services by calling:

Here are a few of the not-as-bad, obligatory grad shots...
Alex and his Nana (my mom)
The Proud Graduate with his diploma
Posing with Grandma (Darrell's mom)
Back at home, in his standard uniform (I believe this ensemble is from the K-Fed collection at Walmart), enjoying the tasty goodness of Mom's dinner. Notice I'm getting a Thumb's Up.

Sunday- Our youth pastor did a special service to honor the graduates.
Another example of my mad photog skillz...

Alex with one of his best friends

Monday- We celebrated Alex's 18th B-day a few days early, because he wanted to do it while Nana was here. We took him out to Buffalo Wild Wings (his pick) for dinner after Tucker's first baseball game, then back to the house for cake.

Tuesday- Mom wanted to take us all out to dinner before she had to go back home, so we went out for pizza after the girls' softball game. By this time, I'm beginning to feel like a stuffed pig, and look like one, too. All we did the whole week was eat, eat, eat. My mom is a size 2/4 and could eat any one of you under the table.

Wednesday- Mom left early in the morning, and Darrell and I headed out to start the car shopping. We put in a full day and came home with nothing. At the end of the day, we found a minivan that I loved (as much as one can love a minivan) and I was really hoping we'd get it. I was sitting there quietly praying God would tell Darrell to buy it! We went home to think about it. I was horribly disappointed.

Thursday (yesterday)- Mike's last day of school. He had finals Wed. and Thurs. Did pretty well for the most part... Algebra, not so much. Got my hair done (it was long overdue) and feel like a new woman. Not really. I feel like a fat housewife with awesome hair. Good enough. Met Darrell for lunch, where we decided we wanted to go back and get my dream van. YEAH! OH, HAPPY DAY!! The birds started singing, the sun began to shine, Darrell called the salesman and... Someone came in and bought the van right after we left the night before. %*&#*$*%!!!!!

Which brings us to today: I'm hoping I can get Darrell to take some time this afternoon and/or tomorrow to go shopping again. I will probably detest everything I see, because nothing will come close to my dream van- but, we need a vehicle so I'll suck it up and take whatever we can find at this point.

Sunday is Alex's real birthday. Tucker has been doing odd jobs to earn enough money to take his big brother to see the new Indy movie after church, which I think is so cute and very sweet. He even worked enough to earn popcorn money because he thought it would be terrible to ask the birthday boy to spring for his own snacks! What a guy! I'm making Alex his favorite enchilada lunch and a cheesecake (which he will probably polish off all by himself).

The rest of this lovely weekend will find me doing laundry to get ready for a mini-vacation we will soon be taking. I won't give the exact dates, just in case some of you are scary robber-types who only read my blog looking for opportunities to swoop in and take our stuff. I would threaten you with this intimidating beast of a guard dog... But he will be chillin' at the Vet's. He wouldn't protect our stuff anyway. All he does is sleep and vomit.

Hope you all have a relaxing, fun holiday weekend planned. Enjoy it!


sassy chic said...

So good to have you back in all your glory! missed you, E~

Christina said...

Your parties sound a lot like my parties. I don't know how other people do it, I just can't get a passel of friends to show up...sigh... But I'm sure YOU are not like me at all, I'm sure all of YOUR guests had VERY GOOD REASONS for not coming and usually your parties are huge affairs that everyone talks about for days and days. :-)

Lina said...

OMG, I laughed so hard at your blurry photo - my mom takes hers the same way! LOL! Hey, I have lots of pics of people's eyelids too, so don't feel bad. You always crack me up.