Friday, May 16, 2008

Let's title this one "MISC"

We had our appointment with the insurance guy today to look at our vehicle and jet ski damage from the storm last Saturday. All 3 vehicles are totaled. We don't know yet about the jet ski- we have to get an estimate, then they will decide what to do. Car shopping times three- Yippee! They are going to give us pretty decent money for them, though- so no complaints. Wait... one complaint: I do not like car salesmen. Not at all. I would rather have an enema, get a root canal, poke myself with sharp sticks, or any one of a million other uncomfortable things, than deal with a wretched, lying weasel car salesman. Nothing personal to any car salesmen out there. I'm sure you're all lovely people. It's the other ones who are weaselly. Not you. Of course I didn't mean you.

We still don't know the extent of the roof damage, if any. Even so, we are so blessed. So many people here are wiped out- everything's gone. I have nothing to complain about.

My mom is here. We're enjoying having her. She helped me quite a bit today getting ready for graduation and we planted some rose bushes outside. She has quite the green thumb. Opposite of me in every way.

Looks like I won't have to fall back on my Standard Plan B Outfit for my son's wedding, which is my old faded Van Halen t shirt (original lineup; none of this Sammy Hagar crap), torn-off Bermuda shorts, and old red Chuck Taylor Cons. We found a dress on our shopping trip up to KC the other day. It does not require any duct tape or other special hoisting devices to keep the girls displayed properly. They will be contained (and we all utter a collective "thank God for small favors"). It beats the baby poop colored dress. It does not beat the champagne colored dress, but I guess it's time for me to let it go. Deep breaths, Chelle... Let. It. Go. This dress... It's very sparkly/glittery. Frap. I feel like flippin' Tinkerbell in it; I drop glitter everywhere I go. This could work to my advantage. I can walk up to people at the wedding and wiggle ever so slightly, shaking my obnoxious glitter loose all over them. It will be fun. The only thing I have left to do is try to exchange the beatiful satin champagne shoes for some ugly silver ones. Breathe, Chelle. Let it go, hon.

Nick (the son getting married) called yesterday to let us know he lost his job. He just bought a house. He's getting married in one month. The place where he works is cutting back and he's fairly new there, so... That's that, I guess. I'm praying he finds something else even better very soon! Hopefully he'll be looking back on this as a blessing in disguise in the not-too-distant future.

Tomorrow is Alex's graduation day. I'll try to post some pics by tomorrow night or Sunday.

Enjoy your weekends, Everybody!

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Heather & David said...

Well.... my goodness you have been busy. I am excited that you found a dress. And even more excited that you can go shopping for 3 new cars. I love car salesmen though.... I love to give them a hard time when they try to weasel me.... I work in banking with numbers all day, and I reasearch everything before I start looking. Just remember to go in with a number and don't budge. Make them say, "that's as low as we can go" 3 times.... if they don't... walk out... they'll call you in an hour. Good luck.