Monday, December 3, 2007

Another VN Article in the Ventura County Star

Paperwork problems in adoption of two Vietnamese orphans bring heartache
A nursery awaits its second occupant
By Rachel McGrath, Correspondent
Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Note the last lines of the article: "Rummery (a California spokeswoman for USCIS) said the U.S. government has always encouraged people adopting abroad to file all their paperwork first and get visa approval before traveling to get their children... 'Whenever you travel first and then file,' she said, 'you take a risk.'"

I had no idea that it was *always* an option to file the visa app. and be approved before travel. I thought this was a new change because of all the recent problems. Were you guys aware that this was always an option in the past?


Dawn said...

While I have heard of a rare person that had filed, I didn't know it was possible either.

Tracy said...

I thought that line was strange too. I don't think that was possible with Vietnam until these recent changes.