Saturday, December 18, 2010

Much Ado About Nothing

You know how you're always sitting around thinking, "I wonder what Michelle thinks is funny..."?  Well, my dear friends, wonder no more.  I think this guy is pretty darn funny.  Maybe not slap yourself hilarious, but funny.  You sorta have to know the songs he's doing, or it won't be amusing- just stupid and confusing.  And, like me, you have to appreciate Words...

Many of my blogging friends are able to convey their thoughts in such a clear, concise manner. That's awesome.  You people are Real Writers.  Your writing is tight- well thought-out and easily understood- not all rambly, like some other bloggers. And, since I'm pretty sure I have ADD, that style of writing is ideal for me- you reel me in and hold my attention (until I see a flash of something shiny out of the corner of my eye).

Um...  I forgot what I was saying...  OH!  I was getting ready to explain that you clear and concise people may not see the humor in the following video the way I do.  It's more for those of us who wonder why anyone would use four words when nineteen will do- and live by the Bible verse that says "Blessed are the verbose, for they shall loveth the sound of their own voices." (that is in the Bible, right?).  To us, this is- as I said- pretty darn funny.

(You see what I did up there? How I stttrrrretched out the intro to this video waaay longer than necessary and was overly wordy, while talking about being overly wordy?  Isn't that ironic?  No?  How about mildly amusing?  Not funny at all, huh?  Oh.Kay.  A swing and a miss.  What can I tell ya?  It's Saturday.  I don't have to be fully functional on a Saturday.  I'm fully functional on Tuesdays, unless it's a voting Tuesday.  Then I'm distracted.  I'm funny on Thursdays.  Ironic on Wednesdays.  There is a tiny window around Midnight on Wednesdays when I am both ironic and funny at the same time, so, uh... try to catch me then.  Saturdays are for making cookies.  I'm acrimonious on Mondays.  Perverse on Fridays.  Sundays are the Lord's days, of course, when I attempt to repent for my Fridays.  This is why the laundry is never done.  As you can see, there's just no time.  And now I have that song, "Ironic" stuck in my head-  "...It's like ray-eee-aaain on your wedd-dinng day..."  Um, rain on your wedding day is not the true meaning of irony, by the way.  It's just weather.  But again I digress...)

Guys, I pledge right now that my return to blogging will not be about the posting of one stupid YouTube video after another.  In fact, the next post in the hopper promises to be deeply significant on many levels- social, political, theological- and possibly even historically important, if I do say so myself.  And we'll get to that right after just one more video.  Promise.

Is anyone even gonna click this dumb thing now after all that?  Please click it, you guys.

(Oh, one more thing. You did know that whole thing about me posting something significant and historically important *snort* was a slight distortion of the facts, right? The next post will most likely be a continuation of family updates, so... you know... kind of the opposite of significant and historically important.)


metaphase said...

I clicked. Hope you're happy.
There are times when I actually want to be a little more flowery with my language on my blog. I just don't know how! I really do not think that makes me a good writer at all. I think it makes me un-creative! Or would that be "lacking in the verbal creative arts"? :)

Michelle said...

Thank you. What a nice girl you are! Or, at least obedient. But did you not think it was funny at all? Not even a little? Maybe it's just me. It usually is. I'm sitting here laughing all by my lonesome like a big 'ol dufus.

...And your writing is great- You don't need to be more "flowery."

Elaine said...

I'm sure I would have been rolling on the floor in hysterical laughter, but my kids are blasting Guitar Hero so loudly in the same room that it made it difficult to figure out what songs he was mocking (though I got a few of them). Sensory overload ruined it, is what I'm saying. But? YES! Rain on your wedding day is weather. Even bad luck. But irony? Not so much. I've wanted to strangle that Alanis Morriset (?) person for years because of that song.