Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Marshallese Music

Sam's cousin, Jeremiah (the boy on the right, in the red shirt), came by tonight for a visit. He brought a friend and his ukulele, so we asked for a Marshallese song. We were blessed with two! These videos may be a little hard to hear- the boys were shy, but so sweet. Hope you enjoy them! That's Evan's smarty-pants voice you'll hear telling the boys to repeat the whole thing in English. He thinks he's funny. I don't know where he gets that.


Nicki said...

wow they are so talented. those songs were absolutely beautiful!!

Laura L. said...

I think it's very sweet!

Anonymous said...

oh man, that makes me seriously lonely already. love being home, but i actually do miss RMI life.

i will play these for miss esme tomorrow - you know how she always responds to this music. she misses her boyfriends both evan & sam.

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