Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fine, but... Not

Just a couple pictures today- I’m trying to save on Wi-Fi minutes and get all my photos uploaded to Flickr, instead of uploading them there, here, and attaching them to emails. I’ll put a slideshow up on the blog, then they’ll all be in one place.

Obviously, I have to show one of my handsome little man, who can sit up so big and strong all by himself… until his big ole’ head tips to one side and he falls over. I defy you to find a cuter child. Of course, I could be a tiny bit biased.

This one is of a crazy guy here. I mean as in honestly and truly crazy- schizophrenia (from what I’ve been told); the poor thing. If you zoom in closely, you see he has a white plastic fork in his hat, a knife under his arm, and a dust pan attached to his waist. He is literally prepared for any situation. I guess we could have a discussion on the ethics of posting pics of crazy people on one’s blog, but my intentions are not to make fun of him, I promise. I have a story to share about him, and you really have to see him to get the full impact. He approached us (me, Darrell, Evan, Kate- another mom here- and our two babies) the other day as we were going into a store (that’s when Evan snapped the photo).
Plastic Fork Dude said, “Are these children yours?”
Darrell said yes.
Plastic Fork Dude goes, “Did you get them from Dr. Something-or-other (I don’t remember the name)? From www dot may bach dot com?
Darrell said no.
Do you know what a maybach is?
Kate said, “… … ...No…”
Plastic Fork Dude said, “It’s a high-end Mercedes Benz.”


Then the store guy came along and told the man to leave, so he walked away.
Inside the store, Darrell said, “I had no idea you could get kids online now. I wonder if you get free shipping.”
Later, Evan Googled May Bach and found that it really is a Mercedes, so Plastic Fork Dude knows his fine automobiles.

Anyway... we’re still here, still hot and sweaty, and still fine, although I’m throwing myself a little pity party today.

Kate (from Howdthatgo) got to go home last night, so we are now down to two moms on the island (including me). I’m going to miss her. It’s funny how quickly you can become friends with someone when you’re both away from home and thrown into the same situation. She kept me busy and definitely kept me laughing… and she always made fun of my husband while he was here, which was a nice bonus. How could I not love her, even if only for that? As much as I’ll hate to be without her, I’m so happy for her to be going home and I wish her all the best.

Darrell left last Wednesday and got home Thursday. He’s pretty tired, but glad to be home. I feel like half of me is missing, but that’s probably just because… well… half of me is missing. That idiot is my best friend. This is the longest I’ve been away from home, and by the time I get back, it will be the longest Darrell and I have ever been apart (I was only in China for 12 days). I’ve been Skyping home, so at least I get to see everyone’s faces, but still… I’m getting pretty homesick. We are into Week Four here. Our paperwork is into its second week in Manila, so we probably have two weeks remaining here. I love the people I’ve met here, but I’m so, so ready to get back home.

We’re getting ready to go to dinner. It’s Taco Tuesday at our hotel’s restaurant… the high point of my week.

More later.


Tracy said...

hang in there! not to much longer. give the little one a hug for me!

Anonymous said...

SO glad to hear from you! Still hoping your time goes quicker for you. Are those plants sticking up from the plastic fork guys head? I can't really see it clearly. I miss you and your ability to make me laugh. I'm glad you're all doing well though!

Tami said...

This part is always the hardest part...no matter what country you adopt from. I was a mess for the last two weeks of our trip to get Maddie. Shad had gone home and I had no one but myself to keep me company. I left CNN International on in the apartment 24/7 just so I could have someone talk to me. ;) Hang in there. We're praying for you.

Colleen said...

Wow, Chelle, I hadn't checked in on you in ages and here you are with your Sam! CONGRATULATIONS! He is one of the cutest baby boys I've seen. I'm so happy for you!

?MomOf4? said...

Maybe it's just me (and it really could be because my mind tends to go the wrong way quite often) but plastic fork guy's comment seems like an insult... as in "hey, you just bought a kid like some people buy expensive cars". Do crazy people think of stuff like that? Well, we once had a guy compare us adopting our son to buying a truck, so they must.