Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Homestudy Update...

Our homestudy appointment went well. The SW stayed for approx. 3 hrs. and interviewed us, including each of the kids. Tucker wanted to use his time to share his opinions of Spiderman 3 with the poor lady- not quite the information she was looking for. Other than that, I'd say it went smoothly. She asked Tuck what types of chores he does to help out around the house. He sat there, with a blank, and slightly confused stare on his face. So she rephrased the question to ask him what types of chores should he be doing. Then, he knew how to answer- lol... When she asked Darrell to describe himself, he said, "I'm good lookin." I laughed; she did not. He also described me as "beautiful" (aawwwww- what a sweetheart!). Our next appointment will be in her office on the 24th, in Ark City- over 2 hrs. away!

We have a crazy schedule coming up... I have a funeral to go to this Sat. in KC (hours away), the same day my mom's coming up for a week-long visit, the girls have their dance recital Sunday, kids' baseball and softball games all week, a trip to KC with my mom Wed. (hours away AGAIN!), the next homestudy appt. Thurs., Alex's birthday Friday, our granddaughter's birthday party the next Saturday (Guess how far away it is!), which is also the same day my mom leaves, AND Adoption Day #5 is Sun. the 27th... In addition, we'll be starting the on-line parenting classes, we still have to finish up our taxes for 2006 so we can submit our financial info., I need to pick up our medical letters, we need to write a detailed "Parenting Resource Plan" for our agency, and we're still working on tracking down some affordable health insurance. Add that to working on the remodeling and... Oh, my- I think I'll just go sit in this corner and cry for a moment... Is it okay to suck your thumb at 40?

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