Thursday, May 24, 2007

Homestudy almost ready to submit...

We had another homestudy appointment today at the Social Worker's office- should be the last one. Everything went well and she had a first draft for us to review. It looked pretty good. Everything is coming along just fine, but nothing really exciting to report. It looks like we've found some affordable health coverage that we will be able to add the baby on to. We have 2 of the 3 parenting classes finished, and we are about done with the Parenting Resource Plan our agency asked us to complete. That's basically a questionaire that asks the parents to imagine they've already brought the child home and discovered afterwards that he has special needs. You have to explain how you would prepare for that; what resources you have available in your community, etc. It's a good idea to make parents stop and think about those kinds of things- but also very difficult to write out detailed explanations of what we'd do, when truthfully, we have NO IDEA what we'd do! Anyway, we're answering those the best we can. We probably sound like a couple of idiots. Nothing new there.

Sooo... We're moving right along, and will continue to post on our progress, but it will probably be a while before the exciting stuff starts to happen. The next steps will be: Turning in the homestudy for our agency's approval, and sending off the I600A (This is the "Advanced Processing of Orphan Petition" which goes to the USCIS). We'll be notified by USCIS to go up to KC at some point for fingerprinting, then we wait for them to issue the I171H; our approval from them to adopt. After that point we can receive a referral on our little one in Vietnam, then wait again til it's time to travel. Altogether, we're still looking at months and months of waiting I'm sure.

Hang in there with us... We'll have a precious picture posted here before we know it!

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