Thursday, February 10, 2011

Oh, to be young and in love...

My mom...  She's something else.  She's in her early 70's, but could pass for late 50's.  She's a tiny, cute little thing (a size 2 or 4).  She's really pretty.  She's very independent.  Sharp as a tack.  Works hard.  Exercises.  Line dances.  Eats like a horse (more than me, at times, which I will never think is fair)!  She loves to go out with friends and have fun.

Anyway, she has a new-ish boyfriend (since last spring, I think, so not that new).  He's younger than she is.  He has an earring.  He goes to concerts like Pink Floyd and Foreigner

And?  He gave her a promise ring as an early Valentine's Day gift.  A PROMISE RING, you guys!  I asked her what exactly is the promise that's being made.  She said she didn't know, she guesses it just means that they are agreeing to only see each other and no one else.  But they were already doing that.

I told her that back in my day, when the youngsters would give and accept promise rings, it meant that a bigger commitment was coming in the future, like an engagement.  You know, like, as soon as your boyfriend finishes high school and gets a full-time job at Price Cutter, or something, so that he can support a family.  But I don't know what it means when old people give or receive them.  Do you?

I told her that the next step after a promise ring is to meet each other's parents.  I don't know how they're going to manage that part.

I think the whole thing is very sweet, but I worry about her... you know?  I don't want her to get in over her head and get hurt.  I may have to ground her.  Especially if she thinks she'll be going to concerts like Pink Floyd.  I know what kinds of shenanigans go on at those things.   I was young once, too.

Other Stuff:
There is a pox on our house.  Everyone here has something.  Some have colds, some are puking.  I'm crying in a corner.  Sammy puked a couple times yesterday, and he gives no warning that it's coming.  So a lot of bedding and stuff had to be washed in a hurry.  Just. So. Yucky.  I never understand how so much barf can spew from teeny, tiny kids.  He's sleeping peacefully next to me right now, snoring and talking a little bit.  Precious little lambie.  I hope he feels better today.

There was no school yesterday or today, so we're all together (again) in the house today.  With our snot, coughs, vomit and whatnot.  Happy, fun, good times. 

More Stuff:
Last night, Darrell and I had "the talk" about the cat...  about whether or not it's time to consider putting Mama Kitty down.  Darrell saw her almost get hit outside because she was sitting in the middle of the street and didn't hear or see the car coming until the very last minute.  He feels putting her down may be the humane thing to do.  I don't know.  My feeling is that the vet should help us make that determination.  I want her to go in for a checkup and then we'll see.  Evan is offering to put her down himself for 20 dollars.  Nice guy, that one.  All heart.


lookingforgeorge said...

Oh, not a fun "talk" to have. And your mom? A promis ring? What does that mean when you're 70? I have no idea. Does her boyfriend have his job at Price Cutter yet??? Hope you all feel better soon!

metaphase said...

The promise ring! That's really funny. And cute.
As far as the cat, yes I agree the vet should help you with this decision, but sometimes vets are afraid to really interject their opinion. You'll have to tell him/her that you really do want to hear what he has to say.

Danielle said...

Thank goodness for your blog or else I wouldn't have found out about Miss Sharon and her new ring. She is an amazing woman and I am glad she is happy.
I really enjoy reading your blog Michelle.

dabeesknees said...

I hope you're all feeling better by now. This year's been a rough one for my house too.

The story about your mom's boyfriend is so funny. She sounds like a hoot.

Good luck with your decision about your kitty. That's what I hate most about animals - losing them.