Friday, February 18, 2011

JOH Banned in RMI

I'm passing along the following information, as it was posted on the RMI Yahoo group, just in case anyone who is in process with JOH (Journeys of the Heart- the agency we used) is reading this and has not yet been informed (apparently, JOH has yet to personally contact all RMI families with this information).  Please keep in mind that I have no idea what is going on, and cannot answer any questions.  If you already read this on the RMI board, then you know as much as I do.  I can only advise you to get your JOH coordinator on the phone ASAP.

(I inserted the link to LSSMN's website below, but their coordinator's contact info can also be found on the RMI list) 

My thoughts are with the families whose adoptions may now be in limbo.  I remember that horrible place all too well.  I pray that all will work out for the best...

"This message is from the RMI Central Adoption Authority:

The RMI Adoption program continues at full stride and is very healthy. However, Journeys of the Heart Adoption agency of Hillsboro, Oregon (JOH) has been banned while the CAA investigates various issues regarding JOH. Currently the Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota adoption agency (LSSMN) is approved, and has been approved for processing adoptions from the RMI.

The CAA will process to completion the 12 JOH dossiers that are in the Republic of the Marshall Islands now, but will not accept any more dossiers from JOH. Contrary to what was claimed on various authoritative websites, the Adoptions Act of 2002 (P.L. 2002-64) never named JOH as the only agency allowed to do adoptions in the RMI. The Adoptions Act of 2002 allows any state-licensed agency to approach the CAA. However, the CAA first conducts a due diligence investigation of the agency before accepting dossiers from them. LSSMN has passed that due diligence process and the CAA is accepting dossiers from them. The CAA may add more agencies, but in a very careful manner, to avoid unethical agencies from adopting from the RMI.

Again, let me stress that the Central Adoption Authority in the Republic of the Marshall Islands is strong and healthy and continues to operate."


AprilMay said...

I saw your comment on E's blog "Looking for George" and it cracked me up! I knew I had to pop over and "meet" you. I also read Mrs. Broccoli Guy's blog. Can I just say YAY for someone else who is struggling financially right now? I adore my blogging mama friends but ...
In the last year we've lost jobs, our home, and I've personally lost my sanity and my youth. And we lost our Korean adoption when hubby lost his job. I didn't blog about it though because family reads my blog and, you know. Family. Ugh. Anyway. Nice to "meet" you!

Michelle said...

Hey, I just saw this comment today! For some reason, my email has been sending some of them to junk mail. I'm glad to meet another person who gets it and I'm so, so sorry about your adoption falling through. That's awful. I hope things get better (for all of us!) very soon!