Monday, October 19, 2009


These are mostly of Sammy from our weekend in Branson and the trip to the zoo. I'm sorry for bragging, but I'm convinced he's the cutest baby boy around.

I never knew how white I was until I had Sammy.  He looks like he's in the clutches of a cadaver.
Evan is such a good big brother. He adores Sam.  I don't know many fifteen year old boys who would cram themselves into the baby rides to make a baby happy.  You can't really tell by his face in these pics, but Sammy loved the rides.  He was saying, "wooOOOoooOOOooo..." the whole time. 

I figured I should include one picture of myself...  My hair wasn't cooperating that day, but this is as good as it gets.

Mike had to dress up for "Western Day" at school.  I think he looks pretty cowboy-ish, don't you?  The funny thing is that his costume is made from his brother's actual clothes.  Alex wears these proudly.  How did I spawn such a redneck?
These are from Homecoming.  Mike was just escorting this girl- she's not his girlfriend. 


Anonymous said...

I honestly thought you were posting a picture of yourself! So that Pumba photo made me laugh out loud. But I have seen pictures of you, and I know for a fact that not only are you NOT a warthog, look NOTHING like a warthog. Love all the pics of the kids. :)

Anonymous said...

I, too, was gullible enough to fall for the warthog pic. The comment about the western wear was pretty funny, too! And, Sam is getting to look so much older it's just amazing.

Christina Hubbard said...

What a great looking family!

Laura L. said...

Really great pictures of the kids!! Looks like a great time was had by all.
Love the pic of Sammy (4th one) where he is wrinkling his nose.
You are no Pumba. :)

We were in Springfield,MO over the weekend, seeing our daughter and husband. Not far at all from Branson. I was not nearly organized enough today for that post.