Sunday, September 16, 2007

Second Call For WACAP Pioneer Bloggers

Hellloooo? Any other WACAP Vietnam Pioneer Bloggers out there??? I found a few of you, but would love to find more! I also know of one family, at Our Vietnamese Ladybug, who recently received the referral of their daughter (CONGRATULATIONS!) from the Thai Binh province (but with a different agency, I believe). Thai Binh is the same province where WACAP is licensed and currently working, so it's still helpful for us to keep up with each other's developments, even though agency procedures may vary. Are there any other Thai Binh families? Let me know. Thanks!

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S. said...

Thanks for the congrats! Seriously, why don't all these people have blogs? I know there are more of us! And my agency and yours have pretty similar timeframes for when the first PAPs were DTV etc.

I love your perspective--will be back!