Saturday, October 8, 2011

The long and short of it (But more long than short)...

When I posted at the end of June, I was in the middle of a whinefest about my health.

Wait a sec...  Do you even remember me?  Should I reintroduce myself?

This is the fat chick who blogs here.   

And this fat chick has more important things to talk about today than herself (write that down- you don't hear that from me often).

As you know from my last post, Darrell is related to the I*rwin family, whose baby, L*isa, has been missing since last Tuesday.  I've posted links to articles and pleas to pass around her picture several times on FB, so this post isn't going to be about that. 

Of course, I do hope you will all continue to keep your eyes open for L*isa and pass her information around.  And I desperately hope you will continue to pray for her safe return  (I'm not yet ready to believe she's "no longer with us," or will not be coming home.  Shove that cynical, jaded part of you aside {come on, you know you have one- we all do- the one that says, "She's dead," or "They'll never find her"} and believe with me that she's still out there and can still be brought home.  Humor me, if you have to.  Stranger things have happened.   Miracles do happen).

What I'd really like to say today about L*isa's "case" is just a simple, common-sense reminder not to believe everything you read or hear.  Please.  Seems funny, coming from a blogger, I know- but I'm getting more frustrated and angry as the days go by with each article I read. 

For example, when you read "Parents Have Stopped Cooperating With Police," you are getting one, very skewed version of the story with a definite agenda involved.  You know that, right?

My opinion about that whole refusal to cooperate thing, since you asked so kindly, is that asking for a break from questioning to go home, see your kids, rest, think, or not think...  after hours, and hours of interrogation, being asked the same questions again and again, being asked to implicate someone you love, being asked to go over your "story" one more time, then 10 more times after that...  That is not the same thing as a refusal to cooperate.  That is called "exhaustion."  That is called being on the verge of mental/emotional collapse. 

I don't care who my family is or is not- I absolutely believe J*eremy I*rwin when he said he just needed a break.  I do not believe he refused to cooperate with police.

It is obvious that the KC police have started zeroing in on L*isa's mother and believe she "did it."  They told her she did it.  Did she?

Honestly?  I don't know what's going on.  And neither do you.  Or any "journalist" out there.  AND...  At this point, neither do the police. 

I truly want to believe the mother knows nothing of her baby's disappearance.   And I do believe her.  Right now.  Not because we share a few family ties, but because I honestly do think she sounds credible and truthful when she speaks. And she appears, to this mama anyway, to be truly devastated, overwhelmed and heartbroken by her baby's disappearance.   She certainly wasn't serving her own best interests when she publicly admitted police told her she failed her poly.  That seemed very open and honest to me.  Keep in mind: There is a difference between failing a polygraph and being told by the police that you failed a polygraph.  We do not know if she really did fail it.  To my knowledge, the police haven't made any public comment on it, which I also think is odd.  Why wouldn't they?

I know the police would not be doing their jobs if they didn't look at everyone and consider every possibility.  By all means, they should be looking at the parents.  Of course.  What disturbs me about the attitude I'm seeing in the police is that the focus which should be placed on finding L*isa is now being placed on finding someone to blame.  They don't know if a homicide has been committed, but they're trying to catch a murderer.  If they're doing that, can they effectively track down a kidnapper?  I fear manpower and time are both being channeled away from finding a living little girl.  What a waste. 

Before I (finally) stop rambling, I should make it clear that I am in no way an I*rwin family spokesperson. In fact, I can't recall the last time I even saw J*eremy I*rwin (L*isa's father). So my opinions are straight from my bamfoozled head, and not spoon-fed to me by family members, or influenced by family loyalty.
And that's all I have to say about that.  Thank you for allowing me to vent.  That's been building for days. 

On another, equally sad, note...  As you pray for L*isa, please also remember my son, Evan, in your prayers.  His closest friend shot and killed himself yesterday.  I'll probably blog more about this soon, but until I know that all his family has been notified, I don't want to print the young man's name or discuss it too much on a public forum. 

Obviously, it's been an emotional week around here, to say the least.  I appreciate each and every prayer from you guys.  I feel we need them now more than ever, so keep 'em coming!  Thanks, guys!


Lina said...

Hi Michelle,

If it makes you feel better, I thought the same thing after I read the artcile about him "not cooperating". Him wanting a break doesn't mean not cooperating. I pray that they find her.

As far as your son's friend - holy crap. That's just horrible. I'm so sorry for your son's loss and for this young man's family. :(


Nicki said...

Oh no, Michelle, the missing baby and a friend who killed himself? What a tragic tragic time right now for your family. I'm so sorry.

Does the family have an attorney? It sounds like they need someone to stick up for them and BE their spokesperson since cases like this are tried in the media from day one. I've always played devils advocate in cases like this and can absolutely see a case for everything you said (including the police lying about the poly which happens all the time - police can say whatever they like to elicit a confession).

Michelle said...

Yes, Nicki, I believe they do have an attorney now.

myminivanrocks said...

Oh, Michelle. I have been thinking of you and that beautiful little girl through all of this. I saw the article you mentioned - "Parents Have Stopped Cooperating With Police." Luckily I later saw an article where the parents explained that they just asked for a break. I think they represented themselves well in the second article. I'm afraid so many will just read that inflammatory headline of the first and jump to conclusions.

I am also so, so sorry about your son’s friend. I think I have told you before that my father committed suicide, and everyone around him had lots of guilt – Why didn’t I see this coming? Should I have done X, Y, or Z differently? Were there signs I didn’t recognize? I hope that Evan can come to terms with this. It might be wise for him to get some counseling.

Michelle said...

Thank you, Tracy. I appreciate that.

mrsbroccoliguy said...

I keep thinking of Elizabeth Smart. Everyone (including police) thought she was dead and that her dad or someone did it. And lo and behold, she WAS taken from her house and WAS still alive. I'm holding on to that, for baby Lisa.
I am so so sorry about your son's friend. The thought of a child taking his own life, it's more than heartbreaking; it's scary and frustrating and just so wrong. I'll be praying for your family, and for the boy's.