Sunday, May 15, 2011

Next time? Just say NO...

Sam speaks clearly enough that our family understands most of what he says, even if you wouldn't.  For example, I know that "Foosh a bunion" is "Push a button."  But, sometimes- like when he's trying to pronounce a word we haven't heard him say yet, he's excited and speaking quickly, or when he's rattling off entire one-sided conversations- we have no clue. 

Sometimes I have to say, "Honey, I'm sorry.  I don't know what you're saying."  But then he looks so disappointed, or maybe it's disgusted- I'm not sure.

This is the short version of a lovely chat Sam and I had this morning.  Please, puhlease tell me what I've agreed to do:

Sam: "Tay uhno fee nay BICK honno uhfeh (...something, something, something)!"
Me: "Are you serious, dude?"
Sam: "MOM! No. Tay. Uhno. Fee. NAYBICK. Honno. Uhfeh (...something, something, something)!"
Me: "Ummmm... ...  ...  ...  ...  ...Ohhhhkay ...(???).  Yeah."
Sam: (jumping up and down)"YAAAAY!!  TayuhnofeeNAYBICKhonno dooooOOOOO!"

Naybick honno do, guys.  Naybick honno do.

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Anonymous said...

I could be wrong about this (though I'm probably not), but I think he's saying, "Go see Thor! It will make you happy. And if you don't tell dad why you're so "happy" it will make him happy, too."