Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Some of my long-time readers (all two of you) may remember this post when we had trouble with a squirrel in our house...  Well, he's back.  He waited a long time until our guards were down, but finally came back to exact his revenge and apparently brought the whole family.

Squirrels have chewed a hole in the corner of our roof outside and have gotten into our attic and walls.  They sound as if they are the size of housecats and are apparently moving furniture around in our attic, setting up their new winter digs just the way they want it.  They thump and they scratch and they run and jump.  Oh, the good times they're having.  It's like Dance Party USA up there.  You wouldn't believe how loud these stupid things are.  It's driving me crazy, since their little entrance hole is directly above the corner of my bed.  I hear them all night.  I hear them first thing in the (early, early) morning.  I can even hear their squeaky conversations.  And I'm hearing impaired. 

This has been going on for almost two weeks now.  TWO WEEKS, people!  Darrell finally got some time yesterday afternoon to get out there and start fixing the hole.  I asked him, "Um, hon?  How do we know- after you plug up the hole- that we aren't just trapping the squirrels in, instead of keeping them out?"

His response?  "Uhhh... That's a good question."


Laura L. said...

Oh My Goodness! I am so sorry to hear about this.
I'd probably freak out if it was me and I'd have to leave. I have a serious fear of little rodent animals.
I'd probably have to call some manly exterminator pronto.
I'd have no sanity left after TWO WEEKS.
I hope those darn squirrels leave. How about tear gas?

Lina said...

I had a similar experience - only they creatures turned out to be bats. They came up through the corner cover piece on my siding and crawled up the outside of my bedroom wall into the attic. Brand new house - just built...not very well I guess. I could hear them squeeking and coming in and out all night. I hired an exterminator and he chased them out (9 of them) and then plugged the holes. He told me that there may still be some in there but that they would soon die and may smell for a few days but then my problem would be resolved. Okay, gross. Fortunately I think he got them all out because I didn't ever hear or smell anything after that. Are you sure they are squirrels??? :)

matt+kate said...

"something terrible has happened. oh piss"


mrsbroccoliguy said...

I can not stand the sound of creatures in my walls. It makes me crazy. We've had issues with mice and a snake. (now that was a creepy sound!) I'm just waiting for the squirrels, I know that day will come. Maybe you could bang on the walls/ceiling a bunch before Darrell plugs the hole and hopefully scare most of them out?

Tracy said...

Oh, My goodness! Hope you get them all.