Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hi, All! I know I haven't posted in a while, but there's really nothing to post. I don't have anything exciting to tell you about the adoption's progress. We are waiting for two documents to be certified by the State and a letter from our accountant, which will also have to be certified once we get it from her. Our VN coordinator at the agency says that all the other paperwork we've sent looks good, so we'll be ready to roll once we get those three things back and turned in to our agency.

On the home front: Mike started public school this year as a Sophomore and has gone out for football. They had a practice yesterday (Sat.) morning and he injured his knee. It's swollen to twice its size and Darrell is taking him to the ER today. Welcome to the wonderful world of school sports, Mike! I'm hoping it doesn't turn out to be anything serious. He can't put much weight on it at all. School started last Wednesday for us (both public and at home). I try to follow the public school's schedule as much as possible for our homeschooling, so all the kids get the same days off. I do take a little extra time off before Christmas, though- which we have to tack onto the end of the year. At home this year I have an 8th grader, then kids in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades! I'm finding it very hard to juggle my time efficiently and find the right rhythm, to give them each the time they need. The young ones need a lot of one on one attention. Once we get a few weeks into it, I'm sure it will start to flow a little better; after all, it's only been 3 days. It just HAS to get easier, or Mommy's sanity is in jeopardy!

I'm really starting to wonder what we'll do about all the kids when it's time to go to Vietnam. It will depend on what time of the year it is, of course- whether it's during the school year or summer. The only option I can think of right now is to have my mom come up here and stay, but that's really putting a lot of stress on her (or anyone else we'd ask). Asking someone to come into a home with 6 kids for approx. 3 weeks is really asking A LOT. See, this is how the mind of Michelle works, guys... Our paperwork isn't even finished yet, but why wait to stress over something that's still months down the road when you can start stressing about it today? I know... I'm nuts.

Time for church... Enjoy what's left of your weekend, Everyone!

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