Sunday, July 29, 2007

Hello, All. Nothing to report on the adoption front. Just sent in some of our completed paperwork to the agency, but we still have a few more documents to collect. Boring stuff...

As summer draws to a close, we are frantically trying to cram as much of the remodeling project into these last few weeks before school starts, so life here is very hectic. Being a homeschooling mom means summertime here is just too short! I can't believe it's almost time to get back to school. The little ones are excited, but Mama's not ready!

Michael just returned from a missions trip to Mexico with his youth group. He seems to have had a really good trip and is now eager for school to start, as is Alex, who will be starting his Senior year.

Here's the most recent picture taken of the whole bunch. It's rare to get us all together in one picture, and I'm so proud of my crew, so I wanted to share it. Unfortunately, there's a fat lady in the front blocking my size zero frame and stunning, Catherine-Zeta-Jones-like features. I have no idea who she is, or why she's sitting on my lap, completely obscuring me from view. I was really hoping to showcase my killer abs after all the Pilates, but maybe next time. The poor thing does look happy though... Must not be aware of how freakishly white her legs look in photographs or she wouldn't be smiling.

Note to self: Purchase self-tanner.
Blessings to all. I'll give you news as soon as I have it. I'll try to post pictures of the new kitchen and dining room this week.


Rebecca said...

Your family is beautiful!

Miles' Mama said...

Just found your blog. Excited to follow your journey! Best wishes!
-Anne, PAP